(A)tom and Kerry Show: It’s All Money, Stupid!

Protest Against John Kerry in New Delhi

No to further dilution of India’s Nuclear Liability Act for US corporations!

A citizen’s protest was organized here at Jantar Mantar on Monday afternoon opposing the visit of the US Secretary of State, Mr. John Kerry. “We protest against the visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry, who has come here to attend the 4th Annual Strategic Dialogue between India and the United States,” said Kumar Sundaram. Kumar further said, “The United States has been trying to subvert the Nuclear Liability Act, mandated by the Indian parliament, to ensure a liability-free playing field for the US nuclear corporates like Westinghouse and General Electric. Indian people have not forgotten the Bhopal experience where Union Carbide, now Dow Chemicals, got away with only meager compensation for the thousands of victims”.

John Kerry has been supporting Genetically Modified (GM) foods and monstrous corporations like Monsanto. Very recently, he promoted GM at the World Food Prize Foundation which awarded three pro-GM scientists, even as the entire world has rose in opposition to GM-food.

“Pushing India further into the mess created by the US in Afghanistan will be another important agenda during John Kerry’s visit, which must be opposed strongly,” said noted activist Himanshu Kumar adding “this joint protest also raises its voice against the recently unearthed global surveillance by the US where even the allies are under close and constant watch of the NSA”. “We also demand that the US should back off from Syria where a brutal civil war between two armed parties is on and a partisan intervention will only further erode stability and peace,” he further added stating “we firmly believe that a people’s democratic mass movement in Syria can be the only genuine way to oppose the present regime”.

Protesters shouted anti-Kerry, Manmohan slogans and demanded that India should scrap all the arms and nuclear deals with the USA and Israel. They also extended their solidarity with American whistleblower, Edward Snowden and demanded that he must not be harassed.

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The People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE) organizes a black flag demonstration here at Idinthakarai on June 23, 2013 at 12:00 noon to oppose the visit of the American Secretary of State, Mr. John Kerry to India and to demand abrogation of the illegitimate India-US nuclear deal that was passed in the Indian Parliament by bribing MPs and carrying out gross behind-the-scene manipulations by corrupt and discredited politicians, bureaucrats and nuclear barons.

One of the top issues on Kerry’s agenda is to close the India-US nuclear deal on America’s own selfish imperial terms and conditions. They want nuclear business, profit and power to dominate the Indian market but will not offer any liability. It is pertinent to note that the 98-year-old Warren Anderson is still living hale and hearty in the United States but the Bhopal victims in India are still running from pillar to post seeking compensation, medical assistance and help to clean up the deadly waste from the Union Carbide site in Bhopal.

The American “Merchants of Venice” are seeking to set up nuclear power parks in India not to make India energy independent or to facilitate development here. They demand their ‘pound of flesh’ in the Indian nuclear business. And they will pay no liability, take no responsibility and ascribe all accountability to their subservient Japanese partners who hold many American nuclear licenses. If there is any accident at Kovvada in Andhra Pradesh or at Mithi Virdi in Gujarat, the nuclear Andersons will leave for their country in special planes but we, black and backward Indians, will be stuck here.

It’s (A)tom and Kerry Show that we are watching. As the global nuclear industry plays (A)tom, American government plays “Kerry” helping each other for their mutual benefits. In this particular “All Profitability and No Liability” episode, the global nuclear cat and the American imperial mouse display genuine friendship and concern for each other’s well-being. Koodankulam is a case in point. The Clinton-Gore administration objected to the Koodankulam nuclear power project (KKNPP) on several grounds but the American government now maintains a stoic silence because they are getting their share of the nuclear pie after all.

This gross “nuclear globalization” or “globalized nuclearization” follows the same logic (or lack thereof) of American hypocrisy, money-mindedness and imperialistic deception. Everyone in the world can build nuclear power plants except Iran and North Korea because they do not follow the Pentagon diktats. If Pyongyang and Tehran would buy a few nuclear power plants from the United States, they may suddenly become noble and acceptable. The United States has shut down San Onofre nuclear power plants because of unsafe components and safety concerns. Now, an environmental and nuclear safety manager at Hanford Nuclear Reservation has said that little is known about what was put in the waste storage tanks and how it has changed since the 1940s. Still, the American administration has no qualms about selling discredited nuclear power plants to India or has any compunction in refusing to offer any liability. The bottomline of this cruel-hearted business is this: “It’s all money, stupid!”

This (A)tom and Kerry Show is also infamous for its mind-numbing violence, militarism and war fighting all over the world. As the cat uses everything from axes, hammers, firearms and explosives, traps and poison to kill the mouse, the latter retaliates by slicing the cat in half, plugging his tail into an electric socket, pounding him with a club, or tying him to a firework and setting it off and so forth. Despite all this mind-numbing violence and mayhem, there is hardly any blood or gore in any scene.

Similarly, the violent, parasitic and blood-sucking “strategic partnership” of the United States takes place under diplomatic garbs with winks and nods at the cost of the poor people all over the world. Well, the American logic is simple and direct: “All lives are equal but American life is more equal!” Their globalization scheme is also a one-way traffic. They can ‘penetrate’ into any foreign market and violate all the existing norms and rules for their profit but no outsider can go to the United States even on a temporary job visa for a few months. Their national capital is more important than global labor.

The people of the United States can be our friends but any “strategic partnership” or nuclear business with American imperialism will be suicidal for India. The American meddling in our affairs and nuclear patronage may give rise to regional nuclear arms race among India, Pakistan and China and destabilize all our peace and development.

To record our protest against the visit of Mr. John Kerry, and to oppose India’s nuclear power plant business with any country in the world, the People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE) organizes a Roundtable Discussion along with Poovulagin Nanbargal (Friends of the Earth), Doctors for Safer Environment (DOSE), and Chennai Solidarity Group for Koodankulam Struggle at 11 AM on June 22, 2013, Saturday, at the Madras Institute of Development Studies (MIDS) in Chennai on “John Kerry, Nuclear Liability and the dangers of foreign reactors – Lessons from Koodankulam.”

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