Appeals and Letters Issued on Koodankulam in Last 6 Months: Democratic Voices Gone Unheard

Contrary to the government’s propaganda that the Koodankulam protests are funded and orchestrated by foreign NGOs, Church organisations and is triggered by irrational fears of people who need to be counseled, the agitation has received support and solidarity from wide-ranging sections of Indian society, eminent public figures and human rights organizations.

The Prime Minster in his much-condemned speech on Koodankulam said that foreign NGOs are being the protests and all the “thinking Indians” want the reactors in Koodankulam. Are the eminent people and groups who have signed these appeals not thinking beings?

Here are a few instances of wide support that this movement has received:

  1. Justice V R Krishna Aiyer wrote to Ms. Jayalalitha on September 17, 2011 to reconsider the project.
  2. September 21, 50 Japanese citizen collectively wrote to the Indian PM to stop the KKNPP.
  3. CNDP– a coalition of more than 500 grassroots peace movements in India—issued several statements against repression in Koodankulam, demanding a national consultation on nuclear energy
  4. Oct 2, a vehicle march to Koodankulam from Kerala was organized by people.
  5. National Alliance of People’s Movement (NAP)wrote to the President on October 24, 2011
  6. On November 3, 2011, more than a hundred concerned citizen— intellectuals, professionals and activists— condemned the slander against the movement and demanded a moratorium.
  7. November 29, 2011– citizen statement condemning state repression in Koodakulam issued.
  8. December 4-5: Admiral Ramdas and Lalita Ramdas visited Koodankulam and wrote Koodankuam diary.
  9. December 8, 2011: people agitating against nuclear reactors all over India came together iN Delhi and staged a day-long protest at Jantar Mantar
  10. Independent scientists and experts like Dr. M V Ramana, Dr. Dhirendra Sharma, Mr. Shankar Sharma, Dr. Surendra Gadekar, Prof. T Shivaji Rao, Dr. EAS Sharma etc responded to Dr. Kalam on Koodankulam.
  11. The 24-member Independent Expert Committee released its report on December 29, 2011.
  12. PUCL issued statement condemning violence against Kudankulam nuclear power plant protestors
  13. Eminent Indian citizen issue statement against PM’s malicious comment on Koodankulam struggle and harassment of activists.
  14. March: after police repression Idinthakarai, eminent citizen wrote lettes collectively and individually, March 22 observed as National Koodankulam Solidarity Day
  15. “People’s Parliament” Passes Resolution in New Delhi Against Koodankulam Atrocities
  16. March 23: Tamil Writers, Artists, Poets and Journalists Appeal to Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalita to Shut Down Koodankulam,
  17. National Fishworkers Forum wrote to the Prime Minister.
  18. March 23, 2012: Bhopal victims support Koodankulam struggle
  19. March 28, 2012: Letter to PM on Koodankulam: Prof Atul Chokshi, IISc, Bangalore
  20. April 1, 2012: Prashant Bhushan visits Idinthakarai and demands stopping of the reactor and
  21. Admiral L Ramdas, former Chief of Naval Staff, wrote to the PM on April 2, 2012
  22. April 18, 2012: Admiral Ramdas writes to Ms. Jayalalita
  23. An independent Fact-finding team visits Idinthakarai and highlights human rights violations in its report.
  24. April 28: German Anti-Nuclear Groups Express Solidarity at Chernobyl Vigil in Frankfurt
  25. May 4, a group of international scholars write to the Indian PM
  26. May 12, 2012: End Intimidation of Peaceful Protesters at Koodankulam: Human Rights Watch
  27. May 18, 2012: Sandeep Pandey visits Idinthakarai
  28. May 19, Protests in front of the Indian High Commission in London, British MPs write to the PM
  29. May 20: Vandana Shiva in Delhi and Binayak Sen in Mumbai released the Appeal to the Conscience of the Nation on Koodankulam
  30. May 22, Admiral Ramdas writes to the PM
  31. The Indian Doctors for Peace and Development (IDPD) issued statement condemning the government approaching NIMHANS on Koodankulam
  32. May 23, 2012: Aruna Roy writes to Smt. Sonia Gandhi.
  33. June 4 2012, Justice A P Shah Committee’s report demands resumption of dialogue

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