Appeal to Anna Hazare: Please Speak Out on the Killer Nuclear Reactors

Prof. T. Shivaji Rao

Prof.T.Shivaji Rao is the Director of Center for Environmental Studies,GITAM University, Visakhapatnam (India)

Please act in time to save millions of Indians and their economy from risky nuclear plants imported from foreign countries. Is it Gandhism?

Dear Anna Hazare,

I find that at one time you have stated that the Prime Minister is corrupt subsequently he had again said that Dr.Manmohan Singh is very honest and clean again you said that he is not that clean and now again you say that Manmohan Singh is very clean. whatever you might have said under different contexts the news papers perhaps reported your sayings in a manner convenient to serve their interests.

However one thing is clear Dr.Manmohan Singh as an Individual may have good conduct and character certificate. But as Prime Minister he has taken very many wrong decisions which amount to his abetting several crimes against millions of people of India. In Mahabharata Vidura as a person is very clean, honest and wise but when Draupadi questions the Yudhistara counselors among whom Vidura is one. he is expected to discharge his duties as a minister and adviser but he failed to answer the question raised by Draupadi whether Dharmaraja bet himself first in the game of dice and lost himself in the beginning itself or whether he bet Draupadi first and lost her in the initial game. Although like many other people in the Assembly Vidura also saw the game and knows the truth and hence it is said that having known the truth that Vidura has not opened his mouth to tell the truth to the questions raised by Draupadi 50% of the sin on that account must be awarded to Vidura. Hence if a person is honest and clean at the individual level it is not sufficient as a doesnot serve any public interest. Hence Manmohan Singh as a Prime Minister is seen as a very corrupt person who abetted with the crimes like 2G scam and more importantly by bluffing the people of India by saying that nuclear power plants are very safe and thereby he is promoting nuclear plants in several places in India and thereby he is promoting the poisoning of millions of people and thereby slowly kill them due to the routine poisonous radioactivity released from the plants and also due to accidents as had happened at Chernobyl and Fukushima. the future generations of Indians will compare the Indian Prime Minsister with Adolf Hitler who killed millions of Jews by sending themto poisonous gas chambers during the second world war. Today Anna Hazare as a person may be good and honest but as a leader in society he is agains abetting this crime of mass scale slow poisoning of people of south India by refusing to speak about the inherent risks of nuclear power at a time when Germany and Japan have condemned nuclear power by realisng that nuclear safety is a myth. So Anna Hazare whether he likes it or not is bound to get a proportionate amount of sin as he is abetting with the crime sof locating nuclear power plants which are intended only to promote corruption at the highest level in India and such corrupt actions by Anna Hazare’s inaction tantamount to his promoting these killer nuclear plants which cause economic bankruptcy of the states and the country . Today the Kudankulam reactors cost Rs.14,000 crores and in the near future when these reactors experience explosions the costs of damage to be paid to the victims of a nuclear explosion will run into Rs.5 lakh crores as estimated by the Japanese Government as costs of Fukushima accident. Even Anna Hazare is afraid of bringing out these facts to the notice of his colleagues in his fight against corruption such as Kejriwal, Kiranbedi and Prasant Bhushan whom he can consult to know the real facts of the enormous levels of corruption running into thousands of crores in the nuclear industry in India. If Anna Hazare cannot fight against this highest level of corruption industry handled by the Prime Minister what good is it for the coutnry to believe that Anna Hazare as a true Gandhian follower and genuine social activist who cannot read the writing on the wall.
Mrs.Indira Gandhi, former Prime Minister of India realised that most of the Chief Ministers and officials are not interested in safeguarding the interests of the people and in protecting the environmental assets of the nation and hence wanted all responsible people to take up the cause of environment protection as envisaged by Aritcle 51 A(g) of the constitution of India. Under these circumstances the Chief Ministers of West Bengal Ms.Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minsiter of Gujarat Mr.Modi and the Chief Minister of Bihar Mr. Nitish Kumar have a greater responsibility as good Chief Ministers who should become statesman and saviors of the life and culture of India including all the people and their natural resources. They should realise that nuclear accident in any one place like Kudankulam will have to be treated as a nuclear accident in any other state because the latest scientific researches show that like in Chernobyl radioactivity travels through air for hundreds of kilometers and in the consequence the air, water and soil resources of not only Tamil Nadu but all the other states in India are bound to be get poisoned. Hence the damaging impacts of the large nuclear plants must be considered by all the Chief Ministers who should plan to save their people and properties.

For more scientific details see the dozens of articles put up on the website by Indian intellectuals on “”. Please develop a human face and save the lives of people and prevent the nation from becoming in economically bankrupt country in the long run as most of the western countries are bribing their Indian counter parts to sell by force their hazardous nuclear plants and force them over the heads of millions of Indians who are poor and innocent.

Thanking you,
yours sincerely,

Prof.T.Shivaji Rao,
Director, Center for Environemntal Studies,
GITAM University, Visakhapatnam-530045
Phone: 0891-2504902
Mobile: 9949319038
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