Anti-Nuclear Activism: A Misnomer?

Marius Paul
Marius Paul
This post is copied from Marius Paul’s facebook page. This is how he defines himself  – “I am a peaceful Poplar/Aspen Tree Home Denesuline, and I have had the company of the nuclear demons for over 4 decades, years of fighting them, and to which I will win.”
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For the recently awakened!~

The nuclear industry is not “my” cause, nor is it a “cause”.

I did not choose to face this. I was happy without it. I did not ask that COGEMA, SMDC, URANERZ, EL DORADO, and of late, RIO TINTO, to come in and make me stand out looking like a god-damned fool, yelling and raging at that demon!

Too many of you, DO NOT realize what those companies are doing to the Treaty 10 Lands, leaving tailings all over in the open, having them hire “experts” and shoving aside our traditional knowledge-keepers, all in the name of “jobs, “employment” and the”easy life of the consumer”, that it’s ok to live like laborers, engineers, and having lands being radiated and contaminated beyond repair!

How in the hell are they going to do any “decommissioning” when they are done? They are spinning words, WORDS! Like their means to continually perpetuate the DENIAL syndrome leaving everybody with a bad after-taste of lies!

Now, the only thing to do, in the event that we win concessions such as “decommissioning” from those evil companies, is to create a “FORBIDDEN ZONES” area. There is nothing to be done, nothing! We will hear that, “well, since no one can live here, then, move!”, and they have the lands they want for more ugly stuff.

So, when it arrives at that moment, the words “YOUR CAUSE” hardly fits the bill.

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