Message From An Anonymous Fukushima Evacuee

We received this message through a friend of in Japan. The author of this message does not want to get her/his name revealed, so we must respect that.


I am an evacuee from Fukushima city. I evacuated in summer to Yamaga prefecture, but am currently travelling back and forth.

I have a fear that there’s a very strange atmosphere in Fukushima prefecture now, which I feel is intensifying recently. Hospitals, local government offices, schools…you find this message that “Fukushima is safe” everywhere and it feels as if you have to follow the same path if you want to live.

What is being circulated there is things like “if you speak out about your concerns for radiation, children’s healthy growth will be disturbed ” or “if mother evacuates with her children, the whole family will be destroyed”, and because of this kind of information, many people have started saying “I won’t think about radiation anymore, for I care about my children’s mental health and about my family”.

If you doubt central/prefectural government lines, you are regarded as an extreme dissident. If you talk about evacuation, you are regarded as an egoist who abandon your hometown. I feel we are being led toward a very narrow and intolerent direction.

When you just want to know without any bias about the current situation dispassionately, or to learn from the history, strangely that is regarded as dangerous. It feels that you are prohibited from everything – to feel, to see with your own eyes, to think and analyze from available information, or to discuess different views.

I understand that the Fukushima people want to overcome the disaster in solidarity but there’s this atmosphere that you can’t speak out about your doubts that it’s perhaps not right.

I feel that this strange atmosphere is more scary than radiation. Some people have succumbed to it and are siding with it, or some have no doubts about it at all from the start, and living in unity with it.



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