Video: renowned Chinese artist Ai Weiwei supports global nuclear ban treaty

The world-renowned Chinese artist Ai Weiwei sent a message of support this week to delegates involved in the United Nations negotiations on a treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons. “I think this is a very important moment,” he said.

More than 130 nations are participating in the historic process to outlaw the ultimate weapons of mass destruction. They are expected to conclude their work on the treaty by 7 July. China and other nuclear-armed nations have refused to take part.

Ai said in his statement that nuclear weapons are capable of destroying the planet “maybe a hundred times”. If used again, they will kill many innocent people indiscriminately. “We come to a single, simple conclusion: ban the nuclear weapons,” he said.

“This is not just for us. It’s for this beautiful planet, for our children and for many generations to come.” Unless nations succeed in banning nuclear weapons, he said, “we put ourselves in a real crisis, and there will be a tragedy.”

“So let’s act up! Ban nuclear weapons completely and unconditionally.”

Courtesy: ICAN

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