25th January 2014: National Day of Protest against India-Japan Nuclear Agreement

Dear Friends,

Mr. Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan is going to be India’s chief guest for this year’s Republic Day ceremony on 26th January.

During visit from 24-26 January, the India-Japan nuclear agreement will also be finalised, which the two governments have been pushing for a long time.

January 25th has been declared as the National Day of Protest against the India-Japan Nuclear Agreement. On this day, grassroots anti-nuclear movements in places like Koodankulam, Jaitapur, Fatehabad, Kovvada, Mithi Virdi and Chutka will organise protests besides demonstration by citizens groups based in various cities across India.

More details about timing and venues of these protests will be added very soon:

New Delhi: protest at Jantar Mantar on 25th January, 2014 (11am-5pm)

Mumbai: protest against proposed India- japan nuclear trade agreement on 24 th January 5.00 pm at Azad maidan. Contact:Adwait:9619596925

Jaitapur: Jail Bharo Andolan At Jaitapur on 25 th January 10.30am .Will march from Shahid Tabrez Sayekar Chowk towards madban project site.Will give arrest on the way. More than 3000 people expected. Contact- satyajit- 8898770232 / 9820375011

Fatehabad: protest at mini secretariat on 25th January (contact Subhash Poonia – 9671467599)

Bangalore: Protest against proposed India- Japan Nuclear Agreement, on 25 th January 5.30 pm @ Town hall Bangalore- Peoples’ Solidarity Concerns Contact:9448394365

Idinthakarai, Tamil Nadu: release of poster collage by children and protest, 25th January

We support better relationship between India and Japan but find a nuclear agreement absurd and unacceptable after Fukushima.

– It is ironic that Japan is selling nuclear technology to other countries while the crisis in Fukushima is further deepening. People evacuated have no hope of returning back and the dangerous leaks of radioactive water are continuing unabated.

– The agreement will give a push to the Indian government’s insane and anachronistic nuclear expansion drive which it is implementing through brutal repression of its rural poor. A recent global nuclear safety report has ranked India 23rd last among the 25 countries. The nuclear regular in India is completely toothless and non-independent, as highlighted by the CAG report last year.

– Both countries should rather focus on jointly pursuing sustainable and green energy solutions. After Fukushima, a number of countries have shunned their nuclear programs owing to unsurmountable risks and inherently unsafe nature of nuclear energy.

Please participate in the protest at your nearest place and lend your voice for a nuclear-free India and the world.

Say NO MORE Fukushima!

Say NO to India-Japan Nuclear Agreement!!

Poster National Protest Day


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