2-Day Workshop on “Understanding Nuclear Issues” – 18th and 19th February 2012 (Secunderabad, India)

National Alliance of Peoples’ Movements’s Andhra Pradesh (AP) Chapter is conducting a Two day Workshop / Shibir on “Understanding Nuclear Energy”by renowned Scientist, Dr. Surendra Gadekar.  Dr. Buddhi Kotasubba Rao (Supreme Court Lawyer) will also be presenting two talks on the Technological and Legal issues regarding the Kovvada Nuclear Power Park.

Dates – 18th and 19th February – 10am to 6pm
Venue – Sri Ramananda Teertha Hall,
Lane no: 9, Street No: 1 (Street running parallel to Begumpet Rly Station),
Brahmanwadi, Begumpet, Secunderabad

This is an interactive program, where grass root civil society activists can understand the finer details about the myths and facts of Nuclear Power, right from its origins, how it is produced, its use and misuse,  financial, social, environmental costs, international scenario vis-à-vis Nuclear power and the AP Context.

The workshop will be Bilingual – English and Telugu (translation).

Accommodation and food shall be provided for Participants

Travel has to be borne by the Participants.

Requirement for participation –

–         A basic desire to learn about this issue
–         Willingness to propagate this knowledge amongst other people in the state
–         Some basic understanding of 10th class physics (if possible)

The number of Participants will be 30-40 maximum.

Kindly Register before 10th February to participate.

Call 9849718364  OR email – skavula09@gmail.com


Dr. Surendra Gadekar, is a Gandhian, living in Vedchi, Gujerat. A physicist he had done numerable studies on radiation effects on people living near Nuclear Power plants and Uranium Mines. He has been very active in many anti-nuclear movements across India, chief among them the Perignom anti nuclear plant campaign, Kerala, and Anti-Uranium Mining campaign in Nalgonda.

Dr. Buddhi Kotasubbarao, was formerly an Indian Navy Captain with a Ph.D in nuclear technology from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay and presently an advocate at Supreme Court of India. He has written several articles in the field of nuclear technology and also in law.


Background for this Workshop:

AP is already on the Nuclear Map with the Nuclear Fuel Complex being present here in Hyderabad since the 70’s. There have been attempts in 1980’s to start Nuclear power plants in Nalgonda near Nagarjunasagar and in Kovvada of Srikakulam, which were vehemently opposed by the local people and thus had to be pushed out. Then there have been attempts to start Uranium mining in Peddagattu and Lambapur villages abutting Nagarjuna sagar reservoir in Nalgonda district since 2003 which has been once again put on a back burner due to the local people’s resistance. However, with a strong political suppression of people’s voices, the Uranium Mining project at Tummalapalle village, in Kadapa District was started in 2007. The impacts of the mining have just begun to show in the surrounding villages recently. Meanwhile with the Indo-US nuclear agreement coming into picture in 2008, AP is once again trying to get a Nuclear Power Park – a set of 6 Nuclear Power plants in Kovvada village, Ranasthalam Mandal of Srikakulam district. And once again the DAE is trying its best to start the Uranium Mining project near Nagarjuna Sagar which could impact the lives of people in Five districts getting water from this reservoir.

Even after an accident like Chernobyl and Fukushima, our Dept of Atomic Energy and their loyalists continue to tell us that Nuclear is very safe and is a necessity for India’s energy security. People many times, lay persons, who can understand things better from common sense do not agree. But, their arguments are drummed down – in the scientific jargon of the Nuclear Establishment. There fore, there is a need to equip ourselves with the knowledge about Nuclear Technology. In this regard, NAPM AP felt, the need to conduct this workshop – Shibir for all those who are working at the grass root areas, to equip them with this knowledge, so that they may be able to spread the truth about Nuclear amongst the people of AP.

Details of the Workshop:

The Programme –

Day one –  18th February 2012

9.30 am – Registration of the Participants
10am – Introduction – Workshop on Nuclear technology – The AP Context (Saraswati Kavula)
10. 15 am – 1.15pm – Understanding Nuclear Technology – The Nuclear Cycle – Over view – Mining – Power Production – Waste disposal – Dr. Surendra Gadekar
1.15pm – 2pm – Lunch

2pm – 6pm Session 2
Understanding Nuclear Radiation – Is there a safe limit? (Dr. Surendra Gadekar)
Issues and concerns about NFC, Uranium mining in Kadapa and Nalgonda
With a focus on nuclear accidents at power plants in India
Film screening – “Buddhudu Edustunnadu” (film about Uranium Mining)

Day 2 – 19th February 2012

Session 1 –
10am – 11am Why India wants to go for Nuclear Power Plants – Dr. Surendra Gadekar
11am – 11.30 am – Film – Radiation stories – Part 2 (Film on Kalpakkam Nuclear Power Plant) – 28 minutes
11.30 – 11.45 – Tea break
Session 2 – 11.45 am to 12.30 pm –
The Nuclear Power plants – AP Context – Technological issues with Kovvada Power plant – Dr. Buddhi Kotasubba Rao
12.30 – 1.15pm – Question answer sessions.
Lunch 1.15 pm to 2pm
Session 3 –
2pm – 2.45pm –
Legal issues concerning Kovvada Power plant – Dr. Buddhi Kota Subba Rao
2.45 – 3.30 pm –
Open session
3.30PM – 3.45 – Tea break
3.45 – 5.45 pm – The way forward to making India Energy Secure – Dr. Gadekar  and Dr. Subba Rao.

Thanks and Regards
Saraswati Kavula
NAPM – AP Chapter

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