After 11th March 2011: Life of a Fukushima Resident, Living in New Delhi

Ayano Yoshida


I’m a Japanese woman working in India since January 2011. I was born in Fukushima and brought up till 18 year old.

When I was working out side of the office ,I received a call regarding the disaster of north part of Japan.

I was not in Japan,but I’m sure of the big corruption and lie in Japanese government after 3.11. The corruption has been continued for a long time.

I’m not a scientist or professional of nuclear power,but I just need to
speak out what is happening in Japan.

I was shocked to seeing that the image of explosion Nuclear Plant at Fukushima. On that day,I was working at out side of office and received a call from my senior.

He told me that there is a big earthquake in north part of Japan.
Fukushima was one of the worst-hit area.

I watched the news on TV and I was surprised seeing the all images.

It was like a movie,it should not be real,but it was.

I’ve never heard the name of my home town at foreign country,so this is the first time to hear that.

I wish it was a good news.

I was born in Fukushima and my hometown is located centre of it.

I was brought up in there untill 18years old.And I shifted to Tokyo for my University entrance and I’ve been in India since January 2011.So I experienced 11.03.2011 terrible disaster of my country in India.

That was not just a natural disaster,but a man-made disaster.
I saw a big explosion image of Nuclear Plant on TV.But in Japan,they did not report it and they said just “Smoke goes up from the plant”at that time.

I did not watch the Japanese TV so I did not know exactly what happened in Japan.

The media was controlled by Japanese government or some Authority.
Japanese government must help citizens,but they protected TEPCO and their honor.

TEPCO was thought very big company and good as well,so many Japanese were happy to work with them.

It is a big company,but I can tell it is the worst company in Japan.
Why Nuclear Plant is located at Fukushima?

Fukushima ha big land and it is located North part of Japan.

Okuma-machi & Futaba-machi where Nuclear plants constructed were very poor city.

The mayor of both city did agree to construct Nuclear Plant because they faced economic collapse and if they have Nuclear Plant,they would get much money.

There are some gates with slogan in Futaba machi,it says”Nuclear power gives us bright future”But one can live in those area due to radio activity.

After the big explosion of the nuclear is still releasing radiation.

But Tepco does not pay reparations to the people who was harmed by radiation.

Of course,Japanese government does nothing at all.

They don’t report how dangerous radiation is.Furthermore,they made a new rule of the radiation bombed limit.

Some of politicians, scientists were saying.”low radiation is not harmful.It can be good for your health anyways”

“There’s no problem to eat any food which is polluted by radiation”
“You see,now I’m eating the fish from Fukushima”….

I can’t believe that my country has been ruled by such a fools.

No,we .Japanese were aware of that,but we closed our eyes.

Fortunately. Japan was peaceful and well developed country.Because of it,lots of Japanese did not care about politics.

Radiation checks in a Fukushima Kindergarten school

So many young people do not go election also.They don’t care about their own ruler.

Compare to developing country,election did not have a real impact for our life.No one make differences to our daily life except tax increase.

It’s like a sarcasm that Japanese are changing their mind after the Nuclear incident.

Media is controlled in Japan , but now we can access on internet.
So ,most of Japanese use social network services like facebook, twitter etc.

You can find the real words of Japanese there.They try to find out what is the truth of Nuclear incident and the level of radiation.

“If we believe our government,we’ll be all dead”,someone said on internet.

The people in Fukushima do not want to believe what’s happening to them,or they just watch TV and believe the report which is not true.

I heard that if someone try to talk about nuclear plant/radiation ,other people would say “Thinking too much is bad for health. Sickness and health start with the mind”

I think this situation is awful.

They have to fight against government or TEPCO, but they conflict each others.

I’m wondering why Japan accept the Nuclear Power.Because Japan is the first and only one country where was attacked by atomic bomb as of now.

There are many people who were suffered from radiation even after the war.

Hiroshima & Nagasaki those two city had a great loss due to the attack.

They were discriminated because they were bombed.Now same thing is happening in Fukushima.

If children from Fukushima shifted to other place in Japan,they would be discriminated just because they are from Fukushima.
I think,in the future,lots of people would deny to marry Fukushima citizens.

You can find the real voice of Fukushima on internet.

The one of biggest business in Fukushima was agriculture.My grandfather was also doing the farming.After the explosion of the nuclear plant,the crops were polluted.

And now,they can’t sell their own crops because if it contains the high radiation,it can harm human life.

Japanese government says that we can eat the products from Fukushima,but I don’t believe it.Government needs to hide the real damage of the crops because if it’s been polluted badly,then,their responsibility will be asked.

The farmers are not guaranteed by government or Tepco against their loss.

Many farmers lost their earnings and they are deeply disappointed their future.

Suicide case is increasing in Fukushima.They can’t sell their crops by their own conscience.However,Japanese government needs to sell it and spread around the small island.

Do you know the result of bomb victims?

There was a big nuclear accident in Chernobyl on 1986.It’s been 26 years,but still ,people are suffering from radiation.The baby with birth defect is quite high.

And if they can live longer than others,they are also suffered from leukemia or cancer.

The animals are also born with birth defect.No one live in that place forever.

But I can tell you that Chernobyl is much better than Fukushima.
Because they were asked to escape from the city.In Fukushima,No one tell them to escape and some poloticians need the people stay in Fukushima to show that Fukushima is not dangerous place to live in.
It means,Nuclear Plant is not dangerous.

They don’t care about our life,but only care for their own status and big money.

Actually,my family and relatives are also staying in Fukushima still now.

They are old so they think they’ll die where they were grown up.
But my family said,if I’m in Fukushima ,then they’d escape of course.

My big concern is,young generation of Fukushima.They do not escape from Fukushima, contaminated area.

My classmates has new born baby,but still in there.
I hope they’d change their mind.

Many Japanese are aware of the risk of nuclear plant now.
And they do the demonstration around prime minister’s official residence at Tokyo.

The people who attends the demonstration varies from child to elderly and they fight for our future.

My wish is to finish all nuclear plant in Japan and all over the world.

Nuclear power makes no good thing to all life.The worker at Nuclear plant has to be bombed and it’s like a murder.

Government knows that radiation can damage our lives,but still they try to keep Nuclear Plant for their profit.

I hope that all Indian people will think over the future.

Now we can not ignore this big problem which caused by Nuclear Power.
Please leave India the beautiful place.





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