10 Nuclear Plants Whose Construction Never Reached Completion [Video]


The Top Ten Unfinished Nuclear Power Stations Around the World
10-Montalto di Castro Nuclear Power Station, Lazio,Italy
09-Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant, Zwentendorf,Austria
08-Zarnowiec Nuclear Power Plant, Zarnowiec,Poland
07-Lemóniz Nuclear Power Plant, Bizkaia,Spain
06-Juragua Nuclear Power Plant, Cienfuegos,Cuba
05-Stendal Nuclear Power Plant,Stendal,Germany
04-Satsop Nuclear Power Plant, Washington,United States
03-Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, Bataan,Philippines
02-Crimean Nuclear Power Station, Aqtas Lake,Crimea
01-Bellefonte Nuclear Generating Station, Alabama,United States

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