“We may be too late to evacuate” (Mochizuki Iori’s Column from Japan)

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In Chernobyl, 0.09 uSv/h → Children started having symptoms. (near radiation level as westen Tokyo)

0.16 uSv/h → Adults got leukemia within 5 years. (near radiation level as Adachiku)

0.232 uSv/h → Mandatory evacuation area in Cheronobyl. (near radiation level as Asakusa or Tokyo Disneyland)

I received a lot of queries.

I would like to add some more explanation to this.

This is a lecture of Ms.Noro Mika,who runs NPO “Bridge to Chernobyl”

She has been visiting Chernobyl for 25 years and help children to accept in Hokkaido for one month etc..

Currently, the radiation levels in some parts of Kanto area are 3mSv / year.
Annotator’s comment: According to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology , the numerical values announced by the local government prove only the emission of gamma rays. The iodine and the cesium decay while emitting beta rays. If we have to deal strictly with gamma rays emissions, the degree of contamination can be understood, but we can’t measure the level of individual external exposure. Besides, the numerical values detected at the monitoring posts are measured at 10m above the ground level or even more.

In Chernobyl, an area 30 km from the nuclear plant, where the radiation level was 0.232μSv/hour, was declared “no-entry zone”. In Chernobyl, in area where radiation levels were daily even 0.16μSv/hour have been admitted as being dangerous, and in fact, adults got leukemia and died.

Annotator: In case, in Kamakura, were I live, the level is 0.16μSv/hour.
Concerning the gamma dose rate in a certain spots one meter above the ground level, the radiation levels declared officially for Kamakura city are generally between 0.11〜0.14μSv/hour.

Radioactivity, in case of of iron, concrete etc causes the oxidation and corrosion, but in humans accelerates the aging process and cause them sickness. And the effects start appearing in 2~3 years.

We didn’t understand from the beginning where the hot spots were.
But after checking later the areas where a lot of children got sick, in Belarus probably the radioactive substances were easily carried by the wind because the flat level ground, but it became clear that in areas 20~30 km from the plant there were places contaminated about just as much as Chernobyl.

Kamakura is about 300 kilos away from Fukushima in a straight line.
Based on the results of the investigations made after the nuclear accident in Chernobyl, in Europe the fact of assuming that 800km from the nuclear plant might be contaminated has been made taken into consideration as a basic rule for safety.

In Chernobyl, because contaminated farm products were made served in school lunches, about 70% of the children suffered from various kinds of health damages. Those (health problems) were not limited to their generation, and when those children became parents their problems passed to their children too/

Because radioactive substances have similarities with nutrients like calcium, the mammals will feed a lot of them to their babies. Radioactive substances get easily out of their bodies by milk – hence, there were many cases when after giving birth to their first baby, a large quantity of radioactive substances were passed to the (first born) child and the mother’s health improved, but those children had serious congenital disorders (/became people with serious disabilities).

Annotator’s comment: Because I believe that breast-feeding has a tremendous influence not only on nutrition, but also on the mental aspect; that’s why I hope that the mothers who are breast-feeding their children pay strict attention also to the their level of internal exposure and evacuate as soon as possible.

Because the danger of the radioactive substances is know well enough, the world is watching the way Japan is dealing with the situation. A country which abandons its children and doesn’t value their lives is not a country worthy of trust. Besides, there is no country who would buy things from a country who loosen it’s standards. The gov and Tepco spread misinformation (/misinform the population).

They should think about requesting the farmers give up growing farming products which are contaminated, give them compensation, and provide them new and safe farmlands.

In case of Chernobyl, party members, doctors and a nurses, teachers could afford to evacuate, because they could keep sustaining themselves even if they moved, but the poor people could not afford to evacuate.

The symptoms which appeared at children who remained were the following:
Headache , nosebleed , diarrhea , a thyroidal problems, not growing taller, hard to recover after catching a cold, swelling of the lymphatic glands, easily get sick with pneumonia, kidney pain, renal cancer, that I have a (because while radioactivity leaves the body, the urinary tract is affected ), pain in the back side of the knee, arthralgia, wounds that take a long time to cure, asthma, hair loss, problems with their hair growing, alteration in visual acuity, poor appetite, poor concentration, fatigability /easily getting tired, cardiac pain (/cardialgia),
low resistance to diseases.

The school lessons were shortened to 25 minutes, and because their kidneys became week, there are primary school children who wet their beds.
Even after becoming adults, the following cases were recorded: an increase of myocardial infarcts, an increase in the nr of sudden deaths, death of young people in their 30th, Accumulation of cesium in heart – even if eliminate from their bodies it (cesium) enters the body again after eating being exempted from the military service for having small holes in their hearts

Regarding their children, the following medical cases were recorded: Brain damage, proved by the fact that they were slow in eating their meals, Mothers of many children who were different from the other normal children give them to adoption, even if they didn’t have renal surgery or health problems, or a handicap.

This kind of things are happening.



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