Urgent Alert from Koodankulam: police harrasses anti-nuke activists family


A summary translation of a letter circulated by Dr. S.p. Udayakumar, leader of the anti-nuclear struggle in Koodankulam: Uday writes that members of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) have been harassing his aged parents and wife who live in Nagercoil, by serving notice after notice and demanding documents that had been submitted more than a year ago. This is causing great mental anguish for his aging parents. His wife has been handling domestic affairs single-handedly, taking care of Uday’s parents, and his two young sons. The older son is to appear for his crucial public examinations this year, and can do without the mental torture of the police. He writes that if this situation continues, he will approach us (the public) with a prayer for assistance and for justice.

Koodankulam repression Udayakumar

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