by Dr. Surendra Gadekar ( 

Dr A P J Abdul Kalam and Mr. Srijan Pal Singh deserve a special thanks for the two page article in the Sunday edition of The Hindu (November 6, 2011) entitled “Nuclear power is our gateway to a prosperous future.” Although most of what they write is irrelevant to their topic and the rest just plain wrong, the very fact that the establishment has to bring out its ‘Big Guns’ to answer the questions raised by the Koodankulam movement, is a testimony to the success of the movement. Originally I had intended to write a point by point refutation of their article, but I have been deterred by the sheer length of the article. What I intend to do here instead is to paraphrase their points and answer them one by one. I would urge activists to visit the Hindu website at and to read the article in the full. I make this request specially so that friends can point out if I have been unfair in summarizing their work or have missed something important.

Kalam and Singh make the following points:

  1. Because of its millions of times higher energy density, uranium fuel requires much less material handling than coal.
  2. “There is a distinct and categorical correlation between the energy consumption and income of a nation – each reinforcing the other.”
  3. The electricity demand will have to grow from the current 150,000 MW to at least 950,000 MW by 2030 for economic growth.
  4. The German decision to opt out of nuclear power “suits its current scenario which goes beyond mere concerns of risk posed by nuclear power.” Besides, “Nuclear energy never fit into its goal of energy independence” since its uranium production was much smaller than required.
  5. India has huge deposits of Thorium which is considered to be the nuclear fuel of the future. Thorium has many advantages over uranium: produces eight times more energy for the same mass, has a less toxic waste stream, is more abundantly available.
  6. Most prosperous nations extract about 30 to 40 percent of their power from nuclear. (Accompanied by a table of nine countries, the first eight top nuclear producers plus India (15) showing their total nuclear capacity, its share in electricity production and their GDP adjusted by PPP.
  7. The developed world has a habit to “Misguide emerging nations like India, which are a potential challenge to their neo-age proxy-imperial economic subjugation. What is needed for our India, we Indians have to decide.”
  8. Solar and wind are the greenest sources of power but despite advantages are not reliable due to their dependence on weather conditions. Nuclear on the other hand is dependable having more than 14000 reactor years of experience and an international presence.
  9. A nuclear plant is not a nuclear bomb. Our understanding of nuclear disasters and accidents is coloured by our fears regarding destruction caused by nuclear weapons.
  10. While there was a huge loss to property, there was no loss of life either during the accident or in the efforts to contain it at Fukushima. A lot of progress has been made in nuclear emergency management in the last 25 years after Chernobyl.
  11. Radiation fallout causes no harm to future generations although it does increase the cancer risk in the present generation.
  12. There are opportunity costs of not using nuclear. If nuclear is stopped the gap would be filled by using more fossil fuel plants leading to increased pollution and global warming.
  13. Only four major incidents have taken place during the six decades long history of nuclear power generation Kyshtym, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima. Of these, Kyshtym was due to underdeveloped technology in fuel reprocessing, Three Mile Island and Chernobyl were due to human errors and Fukushima due to extraordinary natural forces. The occurrence of four accidents in six decades does not make a case for abandoning our key energy source for the future. All technological progress comes at an incremental risk.

Only a few tons of uranium

To get those few tons of uranium one needs to dig thousands of tons of ore because the concentration of the uranium in the ore is very small. Uranium Corporation of India (UCIL) claims that it is 0.067% at Jaduguda. However, as shown by me in a paper in Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, this claim is erroneous since if true, there should have been no shortage of uranium fuel in the country prior to signing of the 123 agreement. The uranium concentration is more likely to be 0.03% at best. This means that each ton of ore that is dug one can at most get a mere 300 grammes of natural uranium. The rest 999.7 kg ends up as waste in places around Jaduguda where it shall continue to spew radiation for thousands of years and cause horrific deformities in children.

Mythical correlation between energy production and national income

Actually what this means is that the more energy you use, the richer you are.  It does not matter whether that energy is put to do useful work or just frivolously wasted; your wealth is assured by the very fact that it is produced. In the old days, nucleocrats used to show a straight line graph of energy production versus GNP. This held true for many countries till the “imperial economic subjugation” of the Arab lands in the Middle East was able to hold oil prices to ridiculously low levels. But after early 1970s, when energy prices began to rise, this correlation broke down as people even in the developed countries began to use energy more efficiently. The energy consumption fell while the GNP continued to rise.

No sharp rise in electricity demand, no economic growth

This is just a corollary of the earlier point except that Dr Kalam and Singh have subtly substituted electricity for energy. Although, electricity is one form of energy, it is not a synonym. In India, electricity meets less than 12% of the total energy needs and in no country is this figure larger than 30%. Nuclear energy can only produce electricity and is thus in no position to meet our total energy requirement of the future. At today’s levels, it can at best address only 12% of our energy needs, the rest 88% is met by other sources. The fact that it actually only meets 2% of this 12% today, is another story.

The strange case of the German Merkel

I find it rather strange that Germany, no doubt a very rich and energy surplus country had just kept seven nuclear power plants going although they did not “fit into its goal of energy independence” just to have something to shut down when Fukushima struck. All the more strange because just a few months before, the Angela Merkel government had extended the life of these very reactors – a decision they were forced to rescind following large public protests after Fukushima. India on the other hand will of course, never compromise on energy independence, though unfortunately we too produce far less uranium than our needs and signed the 123 treaty and have been so active in changing our liability laws.

The thorium carrot

The great advantages of thorium and especially our large deposits were well known even fifty years ago when Dr Homi Bhabha first formulated the three stage nuclear programme. The third stage envisaged large scale utilization of thorium deposits within 20 to 25 years. Even after fifty years we still seem to be at least 25 years away from being able to realize this dream. Neither Americans, or the French, Russians, Canadians, British, Japanese, etc. seem interested in thorium technology. (Why should they since it is we who are sitting on the deposits.) Secondly thorium based electricity costs are likely to be even greater than those based on uranium which are already uncompetitive in the marketplace. With nobody to buy, beg, borrow or steal from, thorium dreams are likely to remain just dreams in the foreseeable future.

Prosperous nations rely on nuclear

Although I looked hard at the table provided by The Hindu, the only ‘prosperous’ countries having more than 30% of their electricity coming from nuclear were France, Ukraine and South Korea. I was surprised by the prosperity of Ukraine. It turned out to be ranked at 102 in the list of prosperous nation by GDP (PPP) per capita, although the share of nuclear in its electricity is 48%. All the others in the table including US, Japan, Russia, UK, and Canada had their nuclear share of electricity production less than 30%. The most prosperous countries by per capita GDP were Qatar, Luxembourg, Singapore, Norway, and Brunei, none of which were to be found anywhere in the table presumably since their nuclear shares are not outstanding. Thus, to conclude that most prosperous countries have nuclear share of their electricity production in the 30 to 40 percent range is poetic license.

“Proxy-imperial economic subjugation”

In my youth, there used to be a song, “A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down”. In a similar vein I find a spoonful of patriotism is helpful in selling otherwise disreputable  ideas. In the context (Koodankulam protests) in which the Dr Kalam and Singh  article has been written, I find this invocation rather rich, since while foreign inspiration for the protest are purely speculation, the fact that the plant has been made by foreign money and expertise is undeniable. It does not behove those like the nuclear establishment in India, who have been moving heaven and earth to save foreign suppliers from liability, even for willful negligence to wrap themselves in the flag so blatantly.

Dependability thy name is nuclear

Strange countries like Germany and Denmark find solar and wind dependable enough despite their intermittent nature and produce around 20% of their electricity dependably from these ‘undependable’ sources, while our rulers, despite our surfeit of Sun, seem to think that there is no alternative to nuclear. But even here, just during the last two decades, wind has already built capacity one and a half times more than nuclear has managed to do with all the mollycoddling  of the last sixty years. Japan is currently realizing the true dependability of nuclear since more than a third of its reactors are currently out of action following the earthquake and tsunami in March. They are likely to remain in this state of limbo, for quite some time due to ‘irrational’ public opposition to restarting them.


The destructive might of an atom bomb is because of the blast, the heat and also due to radiation. This was observed and documented in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. While most nuclear reactors will probably not explode like a nuclear bomb (no bets on fast breeder reactors like the one under construction at Kalpakkam) the radiation contained within is hundreds of times larger than that within a bomb. So the radiation contamination of surrounding countryside is hundreds of times larger than that produced by the bomb. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are thriving cities today but the area surrounding Chernobyl and Fukushima will not permit human habitation for centuries.

Nuclear emergency management 2.0

The main ‘lesson’ nuclear establishments all over the world learned from Chernobyl was that ‘radio-phobia’ is a bigger danger than radiation. Ignorance is bliss. Keep the people in ignorance through misinformation. First say nothing. Next, if forced to say something give out a very low figure by ‘mistake’. If your lies are detected, apologize profusely but keep repeating a variation of the lie. Increase ‘safe’ radiation limits twenty times. Whether this management method is ‘better’ or worse only time would tell, but if it does prove to be the wrong course, then goodbye, Japan. The country would have sacrificed its already few young on the alter of ‘better’ nuclear emergency management. As far as, “Not one person died at Fukushima” myth, the tsunami has conveniently wiped out the evidence. Many keep dying doing the cleanup but TEPCO’s mastery of disinformation techniques has successfully kept their deaths hidden from the mainstream media.

Radiation does cause great harm to future generations

The radio-nuclides released from catastrophes like Chernobyl and Fukushima like caesium-137 and strontium-90 for instance have long half lives. They shall remain in the environment for far longer than one generation. There is no doubt that our children and their children will ingest and inhale them and suffer the consequences. Even the most die-hard nucleocrats, in the French and US nuclear regulatory agencies have accepted the need to move beyond Hiroshima Nagasaki data of the RERF for radiation effects. The mutagenetic effects of radiation have been known since they were first demonstrated by Hermann Muller in 1926 and that later won him a Nobel prize. It is not that genetic effects of radiation are not well known and documented. They have just been ignored time and again so that the world was not denied the ‘benefits’ of nuclear power.

Opportunity costs of using nuclear

Dr Kalam and Singh have enumerated what they term the opportunity costs of not going nuclear. However, they ignore the opportunity costs of going nuclear. Even a staunchly pronuclear publication like The Tech, (MIT’s oldest and largest technology newspaper) has published an article that admits that by any realistic reckoning new nuclear costs are likely to be at least more than twice as much as the costs from a new gas fired electricity generation in the US and cannot be commercially competitive. For India to follow a sensible energy path, the first priority must be to meet the real needs of the poorest section of the population. The biggest use of energy in the country is for domestic cooking. Electricity has no role to play in this. Heating using electricity is extremely inefficient. Since nuclear energy can make only electricity, it does not answer to our real energy needs. Even if one ignores the 88% of our energy requirements which are met by sources other than electricity and concentrates on the electricity sector alone, the first priority should be to provide electricity to the 400 million people who have no access to it today. Nuclear energy due to its inflexibility to follow demand, does not meet this need at all. Today, Kerosene has to be subsidized since otherwise a large section of the country would be condemned to live in darkness since not everybody has access to electric lighting. But Kerosene subsidy implies diesel subsidy as well to prevent adulteration which leads to the obscene phenomena of diesel luxury cars gobbling up this subsidy ostensibly meant for the poor.  All the energy sources used by the rich today  are subsidized while none used by the poor are. It is this “Somebody has to pay the price of development but it better not be me,” kind of development that people in Koodankulam are protesting about.

Only four!

I feel embarrased to point to such eminent personalities that there is a mistake in their counting. Even if we confine ourselves to the incidents picked by Dr Kalam and Singh, Fukushima daiichi is not just a single reactor. There are actually six of them, four of which had explosions, one of them even though it had been emptied of fuel long before the tsunami.   Seven major accidents (incidents is the classic nukespeak) in just 14000 reactors years means an average of a major catastrophic accident every 2000 reactor-years. Since there are some 437 operating power reactors in the world, this means that an accident on such a scale is likely  every four and a half  years. Seen in this context, the safety record of nuclear industry does not seem to be something to be proud of.

Dr Kalam and Singh rhetorically ask, “Whether we will allow an accident in a 40 year old reactor to derail our dreams to be an economically developed nation? I shall first only point out that while reactor 1 was indeed 40 years old having started in 1971, there were accidents in reactors 2 (1973) and 3 (1974) as well and the spent fuel storage area of reactor 4 (1979) also. Secondly, that our dreams need to be inclusive of everybody and not just the fat-cats. Thirdly, the risky vehicle that they have chosen to turn their dreams into reality is likely to turn the dream into a nightmare from hell.

  • venkata

    Dear author,

    @Only a few tons of uranium…

    You people should appreciate that they taking away the radiation element from the ore. any way rest of the 999.7 kg is from that place only.from where again the additional radiation will be coming… Dont' try to miss lead the public man…

    @No sharp rise in electricity demand, no economic growth

    So try to give in numbers not in %, this gives wrong impression to public. now we reachead to produce 4000MWe… This is with out any support from foriegn countries, every one isolated indians after phokran-1 test. From that stage on wards we became masters in our technologies.

    Dr. Homibhabha dream is still holds, reason when he made this 3 stage at that time full support from out side nations is also there. But after phokran-1 test, which made our nation to be proud and safe againist our neighbouring country, this dream delayed.

    also you commented in first 3 lines of your article "Although most of what they write is irrelevant to their topic and the rest just plain wrong". Do you think you releveant persons in commenting nuclear technology and commenting such great scientist, who is proud to our nation.

    • abhijit

      Dr. Gadekar has done a good job of pin pointing the problems with Abdul Kalam's arguments. Science demands not trusting the scientist, but facts and rational.

      The so called pride does not bring food and energy/electricity to people.

      When the Uranium Fuel is below the earth, it is quite less harmful. Uranium mining brings it to earth and and then dumps it in open. That becomes very dangerous. More than 50% of the miners in Jadugoda have died of cancer!

      Today people like Ambani bring electricity bills in lakhs of rupees per month and they have 24 hour electricity supply with subsidised bills, while poor farmers have no electricity. So when they talk of more electricity, it is most likely to go to such rich people, big a/c malls, and the likes.

      • Puneet Swaroop

        Dear, may I know your nationality. I am sure you are not an Indian. No Iindian can comment like this on Dr Kalam , the missile man, the pokharan man, the Bharat Ratna- a true son of India

        Science does not come from mines, it does not grow on trees and it does not come from the works of anti (-ve) works. Science comes from the thick sweat of scientists. Their day and night selfless +ve works.

        Science is a global wealth, so dear even if you are not Indian , you can respect Dr Kalam.

        • Iniyavan

          Mr, Puneet,

          Yes, Dr Kalam did many things to nation. But that does not mean that we have to accept all his words without analyzing anything. No one is above criticism or comments. Please come out of folly.

          • Puneet Swaroop

            Dear Mr Iniyavan,

            You are absolutely correct; the safety of a nuclear plant cannot be determined by statements or media discussions.

            Nobody should think that the statements by Dr Kalam were given without analyzing anything. People should know that his statement was based on the deep review by this world’s top Scientist. He was associated with the plant for a very long time.

            The statement of Dr Kalam was backed-up with the rigorous continuous review by number of specialist groups of experienced Indian Nuclear Scientists from BARC, IITs, AERB, NPCIL , the Boilers Board and the Central Electricity Authority etc. This process was started with review of detailed project report, visit of VVER operation plants, review of preliminary safety analysis repots, probabilistic safety assessment, review of detailed design , final safety analysis report , review of operating experience of the similar plants, etc, ect..

            This process continued for years and years. over 7,000 man-days has gone in carrying out the safety reviewes. Dr Kalam has not given statements without analyzing the thing, one should not even think so. His statements were backed-up with the findings of all these deep analysis.

            For your information the Kudankulam site is located in the lowest seismic hazard zone in the country. The water level experienced at the site due to the December 26, 2004 tsunami, triggered by a 9.2 earthquake was 2.2 metres above the mean sea level. The safety-related buildings are located at higher elevation (SafetyDiesel Generators,9.3 metre) and belong to the highest seismic category and are closed with double sealed, water leak tight doors.

            Besides fast acting control rods, the reactors also have a “quick boron injection system”, serving as a back-up to inject concentrated boric acid into the reactor coolant circuit in an emergency. Boron is an excellent neutron absorber.

            The reactor has double containment, inner 1.2 metre-thick concrete wall lined on the inside with a 6 mm layer of steel and an outer 60 cm thick concrete wall. The annulus between the walls is kept at negative pressure so that if any radioactivity is released it cannot go out. Air carrying such activity will have to pass through filters before getting released through the stack. Multiple barriers and systems ensure that radioactivity is not released into the environment.

            The Four-train Safety-System instead of just one system leads to enhanced reliability. The reactors have many passive safety systems which depend on never-failing forces such as gravitation, conduction, convection etc. Its Passive Heat Removal System (PHRS) is capable of removing decay heat of reactor core to the outside atmosphere, during Station Black Out (SBO) condition It works .without any external or diesel power or manual intervention.

            The reactors are equipped with passive hydrogen recombiners to avoid formation of explosive mixtures .The reactors have a reliable Emergency Core Cooling System (ECCS). For hypothetical severe conditions plant has a core catcher in the form of a vessel weighing 101 tonnes and filled with specially developed compound (oxides of Fe, Al & Gd) is provided to retain solid and liquid fragments of the damaged core, parts of the reactor pressure vessel and reactor internals under severe accident conditions.The presence of gadolinium (Gd) which is a strong neutron absorber ensures that the molten mass does not go critical. The vessel prevents the molten material from spreading beyond the limits of containment.

            I am sure, after going through all these details with open mind, no one can remain anti-nuclear.

        • poongodi

          Ha what a fentastic nationalism. Why just leave it with Abdul Kalam, the Aerospace engineer and a self proclamed nuclear scientist. What prevents to from adding the names of nationalists like the former ISRO chairman, Madavan Nair and the present chairman Radhakrishnan, who had swallowed 2000 lakh crore in the name of scientific nationalism.

          Please freind swaroop if have the habit of reading newspapers please recollect what made Abdul Kalam strain his nerve to ensure Mulayam Singh’s support through his then power broker, Amar Singh in 2008. It was because of Mulayam’s support the UPA-I was saved in that no confidence motion. And please do remember the involvement of money power to save the UPA-I. BJP Mps have poured in the money that they were given by the Congress to vote in favour of Manmohan Singh government.

          Ha Kalam, the missile man, has saved the nation (read Congress led government) then by brokeraging,, sorry sorry. by geting the helping hand of another political saint and nationalist, Amar Singh and Mulayam singh. What a great service this missile man and scietific nationalist did for this nation. hats off to him.

        • poongodi

          Dear Swaroop

          The reply you made to Iniyavan was not of yours as it was the press statement given umpteen times by the administrators of the kudankulam nuclear power plant. Moreover as you think Kalam is neither a nuclear scientist nor he has long asociation with the nuclear project at kudankulam.

          He visited the plant at 4 am on Nov 6, 2011 and stayed at the Sagar Milan guest house at the Anuvijay township located around 12 km from the nuclear plant at Kudankulam. Later at around 11 he came to the plant and visited it for 30 minutes following which at around 11.45 am he met a few Congressmen for which the reporters were not allowed. (nobody knew what they discussed) later in a press meet after lunch the on the same day at the administrative block inside plant premises, the former president openly declared that he has not come there to see anybody (read the protestors) and not as a government emissary. So don’t just propogate false information. please check this with anybody at Kudankulam plant. Mind Kalam is neither a nuclear scientist not he is closely associated with the Kudankulam plant for long.

        • poongodi

          for your kind information.

          During the press meet on Nov 6, 2011, Abdul Kalam himself told that that was his second visit to the plant. Earlier he visited the plant when he was the president. So be open minded and try to correct yourself.

  • Jose Paul

    Dr. Surendra Gadekar, I took two days to read your lengthy write-up. But 45 minutes to read Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s article in news paper. I Drunk several glasses of water to dilute your arguments against Eminent Scientist and former president.

    You, antinuclear lobbyist are thinking you are the only people speaking truth. You are trying to impose your thinking on others but not ready to listen other side of the fact. I have been reading several antinuclear articles and you people’s press conferences and other types of campaign technique.

    You people don’t have no shame to spread baseless information in the form of truth. By repeating the same wrong information, general people started to belief what you people are correct.

    From media I came to know that you are stationed at Kudamkulam to spread misguiding news. You are terrifying people in Kudamkulam by showing horrible pictures and movies with commentary that if you allow to come the nuclear plant at Kudamkulam they all will die with lots of diseases. You are preaching that none of the ladies will deliver healthy children and all men become impotent due to nuclear radiation.

    As per my information you are from Kakrapar. Are you aware the same NPCIL is having two running plants at Kakrapar and 2 more is coming with 700Mwe. The work is in progress. If your impotency, stillbirth, abortion theories are true the population in Kakrapar should drastically gone down. Are you staying away from Kakrapar because of fear of radiation?

    Why are you not going there to emit antinuclear radiation there?

    The reason is simple Mr. Narendra Modi is there as Chief Minister. In Tamilnadu you can play any drama but the same drama if you repeat at your home state then you will taste the power of administration.

    In your class you are spreading antinuclear venom. Actually I feel that Russian VVR technology is 100% capable to prevent any nuclear radiation incidents form KNPP but Indian technologies are not capable to prevent the antinuclear radiation incidents from Dr. Gadekar like individuals.

    • abhijit

      Please write scientific arguments, and do not target anyone personally.

      Kakrapar people protested heavily when the plant was started. The plant was started despite the opposition. Dr. Gadekar was also part of the protesting people.

      I congratulate Dr. Gadekar on educating the people of Tamilnadu on ill effects of nuclear energy. He is doing what every genuine scientist should be doing.

      Once again, science demands reasoning based on facts and not trusting the scientists (who might have been political figures like presidents!)

      • Supreed Kumar

        Dear Shri Abhijit,

        Its a nice joke that u cant trust an eminent scientist just becoz he became the president, but you can believe the priests who are eminent in preaching gospels but now trying to preach nuclear technology !!! You can believe the politicians or local leader who might be a pioneer in their own fields but not in Nuclear Technology. As u said (i am not sure), If there were protests at the time of land acquisition in Kakrapar, why there is no issues now after these years of operation. Why the people are not agitating when 2 more 700MWe reactors are under construction. It just because they could taste the sweet fruit of Nuclear Power Plant. So plz be logical in thinking…

        • C Parthapratim

          When did he become an “eminent scientist”? Could you please enlighten us about his personal contribution to Science? He is called a “Dr.”, what was the title of his Doctoral thesis? Which year? Which university? Any post-doctoral work? Any published article in any peer-reviewed journal?

    • Tamilian

      You are pathetic. You have no idea how nuclear reactors work. You have no idea what happens when an accident happens even within the spent fuel pool like the one happened in Japan. Do you even know that the decommissioning of a nuclear reactor is more expensive than constructing it? Why do you just talk non-sense?

  • Muskan

    Hats off Mr Jose Paul for the proper reply to Mr Gadekar. It's like " Eenth ka jawab pathar" ….. thanks dear for such a 'muh toad jawab" to Mr Gadekar…..If not you he will understand the hindi words better…….

    • abhijit

      Arguments please.

  • Tushar

    Dr. Gadekar's scientific analysis on Mr. Kalam's scientific(?) article is really appreciable.

    @john & muskan: I have a suggestion for the pro-nuclear people that they should see the facts Rationally and should not blindly follow something only because it is said (and not analyzed) by a 'popular' scientist(?)

    NPCIL said there are not still births around any nuclear power plant but they don't have any official report. Dr. Gadekar has done a survey around and Rawat Bhata Nuclear Power plant which clearly shows that there are still births, rise in deformation and his report is peer reviewed also.

    so always believe in facts and don't personally target anyone.

    • Puneet Swaroop

      There are difference between the black magic and the facts. There are published reports of the medical checkups by the qualified medical doters from the reputed SMS hospital ( not by Dr Gadekar) of the peoples around Rawatbhata Plant including plant personnel. But these reports are not facts for people like you.

      I think due to the praise by people like you only encourage such anti people. Otherwise Dr Gadekar also could have done some constructive work for the society. Anyway,ultimately what has happened to the fact's finding of Dr Gadekar at Rawatbhata? I think he left Rawatbhata and Kakrapara due to radiation!! He is now at Kudankulam and Jaitapur where there is no radiation. He really have radiation phobia. He does not live in concrete houses, he does not each any banana, he never fly. He or his believers never have any X-ray, I pray to god he or his believer never require to go for a CT scan.

      • KK Paleri

        Mr Puneet Swaroop,

        Don't tell that Dr Gadekar doesn't come out to sun, because there are plenty of radiation in sun rays also. Don't fool people please. Don't praise his destructive works.

        • Puneet Swaroop

          Yes you are right Mr Paleri, I missed the it. Some body should advise Dr Gadekar and his associates for starting an anti-nuclear complain against this biggest nuclear activity of God, the Sun.

  • KKR Krishnan

    Well Mr. Jose, you are right. These anti Nuclear and anti secular people are much more dangerous than terrorists. We have to categorize and put them under anti national elements. These small group of egotistical people silently killing our nation’s development only for their vested interest. On the sentry of some holy places, these elements are misguiding the common innocent people. Moreover these people are playing the role of secret emissary.

    At this juncture we should not forget the roll of bad politicians. Most of the present politicians are opportunists. They are only thinking about their pocket development not about the nation’s development. “Vote bank politics” is their motto. They are not thinking about the new generation of high tech era. We are also living in a high tech era and we badly need power for each and every activity. Without power we can’t think about our life. These people may live in cities or towns and enjoying life and they are not at all bothering about the livelihood of village people. They are simply exploiting them. That is what exactly happening at Kudankulam.

    We are facing shortage of power throughout the country. Power cut is there in almost every village. If 2000 MW electricity can be added to the national grid with the successful operation of Kudankulam plants, it will definitely help us to overcome certain level of shortfall, which in turns categorically helps our nation’s future developments. Especially Tamilnadu and Kerala.

    If I am correct, Kudankulam Power Plant work started at the beginning of nineties and first unit is likely to start operational by the end this year. My simple distrust, rather distress, where were these anti lobbies all these days? Are they were sleeping? Was it because of lack of sponsorship, which they are getting now from some unknown sources? It seems this agitation is totally biased. What is the motive behind this present agitation? Is it because of Fukushima? Then they are wrong. India is having 40 years of successful experience in Nuclear Power field and no accident have been reported so far. We have to salute the past and present Nuclear Engineering and Scientific family for their valuable efforts to keep Nuclear Industry alive with safety first. My appeals to common people and well wishers of our nation that, please come forward to isolate such anti social fundamentalists from society.

  • Ramachandran. K

    Why are people such as Jose Paul and KKR Krishnan intolerant to views different from theirs?People without tolerance to ideas are the most dangerous people, who have potentiality to destroy the world.

    Facts are facts and there are objective, scientific methods to verify them. Why are people getting angry and harping on cheap patriotic sentiments while they have no real point to substantiate their prejudiced view? If a major nuclear accident happens, who in this country will honestly own its responsibility? Even now,It is not that we didn't have any accidents;but the people in charge of our nuclear affairs were somewhat successful in their cover up,aided by the outmoded 1962 Act, which allows secrecy. sitting comfortably on your easy chairs ant pretending to be the guardians of our energy security, you can don the mantle of a concerned citizen, insult, call names, and throw mud on the struggling people of Kudankulam, who gather in thousands,even leaving work, as they really see danger ahead,and as they want to live and let live at any cost.. This guy could easily dismiss even Fukushima,( but the Japanese cannot afford to do that.; nor can concerned human beings any where in the world.).Time will tell such people who are really the ''anti social fundamentalists"- people who support nuclear power just for the sake of a few Megawatts of electricity or those who oppose it on the basis of human, social, economic and ecological reasons, which have been vindicated ever since a nuclear reactor was set up.

    • Supreed Kumar

      Dear Mr. Ramachandran,

      Rightly said, facts are facts…but need to be analysed from all corners. Thousands of employees and their families are working and living in and around the nuclear power plants. Do you think any father or mother would like their own kids to be attacked with cancer or any other critical diseases intentionally ??? I guess your answer will also be a damn NO. Then how these thousands of families are living there for decades ???

      You are claiming the support is just for a few mega watts. Can u live without electricity any more ??? if NOT whats the source ??? Do u want the whole earth to be flooded by increasing more and more carbon footage…Its easy to question but difficult to find answers…

  • jeevan


    Are you doing Ph.d under Dr. Surendra Gadekar ? You asked for scientific arguments, but you are not doing here. That's why ?

  • Ignatius Fernando

    Dear Abhijit, "Birds of a feather flock together." If you follow the other thread, you'll understand how they are operating. Jose Paul will write something and immediately Muskan will write a note of appreciation. Just ignore these guys if they continue this sickening operation. SAY NO TO THE NUCLEAR MONSTER FOR HUMANITY'S GOOD is the message. These guys are in their comfort zones and spewing speculations without having any idea about what's going on in reality. The pro-nuke movement has been chiefly launched by a handful of greedy land owners who are awaiting an enhanced price when the plant becomes fully functional. Let us not fall prey to these money-minded, short-sighted islands amidst humanity. I can wite confidently because I am from that area. Now, Abhijit, one usual supporter of Jose paul will step in to say, perhaps with a different name, he is also from there and he knows why the plant should go ahead. Think of humanity as a whole and put an end to this plant. Every protester has the right to voice his concern about his apprehensions in a democracy. It is more patriotic than your divisive speculations.

  • Ignatius Fernando

    (Dear All, Just sharing what I read recently. Thanks.)‘Use coal or gas at Koodankulam’ Indian Express.

    M G DevasahayamLast Updated : Having been invited to be part of the ‘Expert Group’ formed by those opposing the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant, I thought I must put forth my views.

    I believe that KKNPP is caught in a web of controversies, all man-made. The way Government of India, PMO, Atomic Energy Commission and the Nuclear Power Corporation are handling the matter is at best amateurish and at worst arrogant. I am of the view that the issue should be approached in a holistic manner and not by pitting pro and anti-nuclear people against each other.

    The latest to enter the fray is former President A P J Abdul Kalam with his total commitment to nuclear energy and his 10-point Koodankulam PURA (Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas) proposal. He has now emerged as the rallying point for the counter-protestors who are gathering strength and media is also increasingly taking pro-nuclear stance. I believe it is time the protestors should advocate alternatives instead of endlessly repeating what they have been saying.

    In this matter, I have the following suggestions to make for arriving at a viable action plan, wherein people’s fear could be assuaged and more than adequate power could be generated in the very area where the nuclear plant is located:

    1. KKNPP has not yet gone critical, meaning fuel has not been loaded and fired. Central Government should therefore seriously consider fuel-switching from nuclear to coal or gas.

    According to energy experts, this is very much feasible. Only that the reactor need to be replaced by boiler and if necessary have a turbine also. Some port/logistic work would also be needed to bring coal/gas. These would no doubt entail some additional cost and time. But it is worth it.

    2. The nearby areas comprising Kanyakumari, Thoothukudi and Tirunelveli districts have large wind farms with installed capacity of about 4,000 MW. When these were installed, 1 MW power generation required 4 acres of land. Now, with latest technology, the requirement is just 1 acre for 1 MW. By adopting modern technology, large amount of land used for wind mills could be released and solar power projects that could generate up to 2,000 MW power could be set up there.

    3. Being dry and arid, the area is suitable for large scale ‘energy plantations’ and biomass-based power plants could be installed.

    4. All the three – wind, solar, biomass – combined can provide hybrid-power which can be drawn for 24 hours and combined with fuel switching of KNPP there will be enough and more power to satisfy the needs of Tamil Nadu and even export to other states. Energy efficiency and conservation could be added to this holistic package. This could bring prosperity and boom to the local economy and PURA would take place on its own without depending on government mercy.

    This calls for sincere and war-like efforts by TN state government, duly supported by the Central Government and institutions.

    Government of India should approach this sensitive but explosive issue with a open mind and not a cloistered ‘nuclear-power only’ mindset by fielding heavyweights like A P J for crushing the anti-nuclear protests.

    (Retired IAS officer and ex-chairman of Haryana State Electricity Board)

  • jeevan

    Mr. Ignatius Fernando

    1. How much amount you got as a compenation for your land. I hor you are belong to the area?.

    2. What are the benifts you enjoyed in last 8 years.?

    3. Nearby areas, the land price increased or not?

    4. The trasport facilities in the nearby areas increased or not?

    5. Tell it from your heart that whether your area developed in last 8 years or not?

    6. you quoted Mr. Devasahayam article. Show me one examble Worldwide, how many nuclear power plants are converted into other fueled one?

    I can write anything and everything like convert Tirunelveli into Washington, etc…

    7. Do you think that coal based power plants are good for environment?

    8. Do you think that From Coal based power plants ther is no hot water mixing with sea?

    Last 8-10 years, you enjoyed all the benefits as villager of that area, now to get some more facilities and money, you are doing all the drauma !

    9.Nearer to your area, so many people became rich because of this people.

    10. There there the protest is simply blackmailing.

    11. Why turicorin bishop Ambrose resigned from the state govt committe and left from the agitation?

    12. kudankulam is not the first nulcear powr plant in tamil nadu. Already, kudankulam is running for 20 years. It faced the 2004 Tsunami without any problem.

    13. Now people from kerala, Andhara Pradesh (there not even single Nuclear plant) are mis leading as with radiation, cancer, environment heat up etc.

    14. Mahabalipruam is around 10km from kalpakkam. We used to go and enjoy there and our friends are stayitn there also. Do you have any problem.

    15. I request you interact with pro and anti nuclear people and use your god gifted brilliant brain and decide.

    • poongodi

      Hi Jeevan,

      I Don’t know if Ignatius Fernando gave you the examples for fuel switching, Let me give you the exmaples.

      1–Shoreham nuclear power plant built at Long Island in New York in 1989 was converted to Natural gas based power plant due to people’s opposition there for a nuclear plant.

      2—William H Zimmer nuclear power plant, Ohio, which was converted to fuel combustion when it was 97 per cent complete. In 1982, the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission found that the plant was poorly constructed, including two instances of defective pipe welds, that industrial safety documents had been forged, and imposed a record-high fine of US $200,000 besides halting construction work on the plant. In 1984, discussions were held on converting the plant from nuclear to coal-fired generation. Conversion work started in 1987 and was completed in 1991.

      3–Third is the Midland Cogeneration Facility, Michigan. It was originally designed as a nuclear power plant with twin pressurised water reactors. In 1984, the project was terminated at 85 per cent completion after 17 years and $4 billion US dollars investment. Fluor Engineering converted the unfinished plant to a combined-cycle, natural-gas-fired cogeneration facility.

      And my friend don”t just hesitate in your desire of converting Tirunelveli in to Washington. We are in a scientific era and can bring all facilities that Washington has to Tirunelveli. Don’t just undermine yourself. Science has given us new avenues to keep on trying to solve problems. Believe new methods of science are there to give more comfort than Kudankulam plant.

  • jeevan


    12)kudankulam is not the first nulcear powr plant in tamil nadu. Already, kalpakkam is running for 20 years. It faced the 2004 Tsunami without any problem

  • Ignatius Fernando

    Contamination detected, while passing urine! Staffers!

    Well, Jeevan, I do have the answers, but unable to surmount time constraints now. The article below from The Times of India is worth reading. Atomic Power Plant, kaiga, Karnataka :

  • Ignatius Fernando

    Contamination detected, while passing urine! Staffers!

    Well, Jeevan, I do have the answers, but unable to surmount time constraints now. The article below from The Times of India is worth reading. Atomic Power Plant, kaiga, Karnataka :

    Who can give unassailable guarantee for this man-made monster in Koodankulam?

  • Jose Paul

    I became intolerant by watching the nonsenses in the name of agitation against Nuclear Power Plants. You are treating our arguments and revealing are on the basis of cheap patriotism sentiments. Patriotism never to be a cheap sentiment Mr.Ramachandran. You people do not have that passion that is why always think and act against national interest.

    You people eat delicious food stomach full and use filthy words towards serving hands. That is what you people are doing in case of Nuclear Plants. Enjoy the less paid electricity and criticize its produces.

    Once your friends made protest against the entry of electronics revolution with a call of cultural disaster. Now you and I are enjoying the benefits of technology. I am having a list of 100 pages about anti progress activities in recent past.

    When we “Patriotic Indians” were silent, you people took the advantage. Now we started to react then you are telling about tolerance. We are not in a mood tolerance any more.

    When government or responsible authorities give data you people call it as a fabricated one. But when people quote unreliable source that is authentic. Where is the reported accident in the history of India nuclear programme? Nothing. But you people will not accept. You want to tarnish the capability of Indian Nuclear Scientist, Engineers, Technicians etc. So sad.

    In Kudamkulam the genuine issue is not related to nuclear fear. Mr. Surendra Gadekar and like minded people exploit the peoples’ sentiments and try to explore money. Behind the Kudamkulam drama money is the only reason. Mr. Udaykumar and Mr.Pushparayan are advocating for thermal plants. You see how many thermal plants are there in progress. They are pouring money to block nuclear power plants. The reason is if nuclear power available in cheaper rate what they will do with higher priced electricity?

  • Jose Paul

    Mr. Thushar,

    You are terribly misguided by Dr.Gadekar. In 1996 SMS Medical College Jaipur had conducted a detailed medical check-up in RAPS residential colony and nearby village to know the adverse effect of Rajastan Atomic Power Station. The result of the check up revealed that much propagated cancer, still birth, abortion etc. are less in that area compared to other part of the state. Anybody can obtain and verify the said report from SMS Medical college or RAPS authorities through RTI. DAE also should publish such reports in public to prevent the misguidance of Dr. Gadekar.

    You can ask the life span of NPCIL employees especially working in plants through RTI. From Pension department also you can collect the details. Convince yourself first by seeing facts. If Dr. Gadekar is right then publish his finding about Rawatbhata in this site itself.

    Employees of all nuclear power plants are undergoing annual medical checkup. No unnatural health problems are noticed. You can obtain such reports again through RTI.

    One more information for you that famous playback singer in Hindi as well as other regional languages Kum. Shreya Goshal born and brought up from Rajastan Atomic Power Plant Township.

    Don’t believe antinuclear lobby in toto because they will use any wrong method for success. But you can belief DAE/NPCIL because they have accountability.

  • Jose Paul

    Mr. Ignatius Fernando,

    You are trying to introducing a new controversy of land mafia involvement in Kudamkulam NPP installation. But dear friend land price will increase if development comes to that particular area. Now your arguments are contradicting.

    (1) You people are making a huge propaganda that nuclear plants are not safe and radiation will kill surrounding people. Then the market price of surrounding area should go down. But you are saying “greedy land owners” (they definitely not fools) are waiting to reap the fruit of development.

    (2) You are saying land mafia are behind the KNPP. Here what you are aiming? Who is that mafia whether Central government? Russian Government? or NPCIL?

    You are telling you are from that area. Don’t you need any development in your area? Before coming NPP what was the rate of development there and what is the difference now? Go and see any other Nuclear installations in India and convince yourself. Give a big salute to NPCIL, Central Government. If any more doubt in your mind I am here to clear my level best

  • Ramachandran. K

    Dr. MP Parameswaran, Dr. Surendra Gadekar etc are people, highly qualified and competent to comment on nuclear issues. You say they want to make money by being antinuclear?This is the most stupid remark I have ever heard. They had high positions in in our Government service.They had position, pay, perks and prestige; they could have clung to their posts as most of the officers do. It is their adherence to truth and commitment to people that made them resign their coveted posts and champion the antinuclear cause .It is amusing, though very irritating, to see these greedy folk, who value everything only in terms of monetary gains, trying in the most unjust way, to attribute financial motives to these scientists who have done great service to our society, by sacrificing personal gains and ‘glory’. There are several anti nuclear scientists in the world, not only Parameswaran and Gadekar, committed deeply to humanity at large rather than to a narrow-minded nuclear coterie which takes the world to ransom for profits. They are trying to infuse sanity into the wrong headed policies of our so-called experts. We have to be thankful to these scientists. Let us be decent enough not to insult them at least. Many people have become too blinded by greed for money to see reason and to listen to the voices of wisdom. It is a pity that the tribe of these morons is prospering in our country. The morons cannot even imagine that there are people in this world, who are working to serve fellow beings and to derive satisfaction out of it and not to earn money.

    • KK Paleri

      Mr Ramachandran,

      As a common man my view is Dr. MP Parameswaran, Dr. Surendra Gadekar are no way near or great Scientists like Dr Homi Bhabha or Dr Abdul Kalm.

      • C Parthapratim

        And your view is wrong! Kalam was never a “scientist” but was manager with some scientific background.

  • jagan

    "electricity is one form of energy, it is not a synonym. In India, electricity meets less than 12% of the total energy needs"

    Dr. Surendra Gadekar,

    tell me one country where electricity is synonym to energy.

    r u expecting all energy needs to be met by electricity alone????

  • Jose Paul

    Mr. Harichandran, you can glorify your comrades. that is your duty. I have given little explanation about Dr. Surendra Gadekar. If you want I am having more information about why did he become an antinuclear lobbyist.

    “An ex-communist is the worst communist” Vladimir Lenin. New proverb “An unsatisfied nuclear scientist is the worst scientist”.

    Dr. M P. Parameshwaran left BARC on 1975 after completion of 19 years of service. His is one of the communist comrades blocked all the developments in Kerala with the support of KSSP. He objected all types of developmental works by misused his goodwill and misinterpreted science for protect party ideology. Still he is doing the same in case of nuclear energy.

    If you take other antinuclear ex-DAEs, they become rebel either not got extension in service or suspended from service or dissatisfied in promotions. Their frustration comes out in the form of antinuclear label.

    I am asking one question. What positive contribution has been given by these antinuclear lobbies to the progress of society?

  • Jose Paul

    Please read as Mr. Ramachandran. K. instead of Mr. Harichandran in the Starting point.

  • Puneet Swaroop

    I have just write about 1/20 the part of the name of this world's Pride as "Dr Kalam" on google search. There were about 1 cr results. Then I write Full name of the anther of this…………( its not an article/ a review / write up). There were about only 7000 searches including mostly other person.

    Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, is a renowned aerospace engineer, professor (of Aerospace engineering), and first chancellor of the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology Thiruvananthapuram (IIST), who served as the 11th President of India from 2002 to 2007. During his term as President, he was popularly known as the People's President. He was awarded the Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian honor in 1997.

    Before his term as India's president, he worked as an aeronautical engineer with DRDO and ISRO. He is popularly known as the Missile Man of India for his work on development of ballistic missile and space rocket technology.[4] Kalam played a pivotal organizational, technical and political role in India's Pokhran-II nuclear tests in 1998, the first since the original nuclear test by India in 1974.He is currently the a visiting professor at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad,chancellor of Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology Thiruvananthapuram, a professor at Anna University (Chennai), a visiting professor at Indian Institute of Management Indore, and an adjunct/visiting faculty at many other academic and research institutions across India.

    The whole nation has pride on Dr Kalam.

    WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT TO COMMENT LIKE "Although most of what they write is irrelevant to their topic and the rest just plain wrong" .

    Ask 130 cr Indians about Dr Kalam.

    Before using the great democracy of India to criticize any one, first become Indian.

    • Supreed Kumar

      Dear Puneet,

      No words only claps for ur reply !!! The Anti Nuclear lobby is not bothered about 120 Crore poor Indians but they are bothered of 1200 Crore rupees thats offered to them….

      • Puneet Swaroop

        Thank, all claps are for Dr Kalam

  • Jose Paul

    Dear Mr. Fernando,

    Just now I have noticed your 3 days back comment. I appreciate your eagerness to clear doubts. But the only pain is that you read the braking news published on 29-11-2009 only not follow-up news.

    The case happened in Kaiga atomic power plant was a case of sabotage. Somebody "deliberately" put radioactive tritium in a water cooler at the Kaiga Nuclear Power Plant. Tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, is used in research, fusion reactors and neutron generators. The tritiated heavy water is carried in small vials to chemical labs within the premises to carry out analysis, and all those vials are sent back to the reactor when the analysis is over. Those who consumed radioactive water treated in hospital and got well.

    For get more clarity please visit

    Antinuclear lobby spread this news also as a nuclear disaster. This type of deliberate mischief can does by even an X-ray technician in your nearby hospital. Are you favour to ban all x-ray equipments? Don’t put such incidents in the account of nuclear accidents. Thanks for raise such issue to get clarity in public.

  • Ignatius Fernando

    “Western Ghats Task Force chairman Ananth Hegde Ashisar on Wednesady alleged that radiation from Kaiga nuclear power plant has affected surrounding villages, leading to an alarming increase in the number of cancer and miscarriage cases.”

    Read more here :

  • Ignatius Fernando
  • Ramachandran

    The most funny thing about this debate is that those who do not have any feelings about filling this country with radiation for centuries to come and destroying the health of coming generations by the hazardous nuclear facilities pose or rather 'impose' themselves as great 'Patriots' who love India; at the same time people who want really to save the country and its future generations are dubbed anti-National! .If you sing hallelujah to a few leaders, bureaucrats and scientists with vested interests, that is the criterion for being 'nationalists'; someone exposes their hypocrisy , is anti-national. What an inversion of values! Gentlemen, please remember that the nuclear debate is going on, not only in India, but all over the world.Other countries do not consider those who oppose nuclearization as unpatriotic; not even France, which uses nuclear energy considerably.Here there are people who worship Kalam and Bhabha ; not science. To criticise the idols is sacrilege. This is a country where obscurantists and and anti science people can influence government policy;real scientists who think for people are hooted down.; hawks are cheered aloud.