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This signature campaign was coordinated by John Seed, the renowned environmentalist and deep ecologist from Australia. John Seed has been working for the conservation of rainforests, and is Founder and Director of the Rainforest Information Centre in Australia. John Seed and his associates have been involved in many direct actions that have resulted in the protection of rainforests in Australia. They have also supported similar campaigns across the world.

Friends who have expressed solidarity with the anti-nuclear struggle at Koodankulam, and who have signed and sent letters expressing concern to the Prime Minister of India and the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, include those who have been working in the field of environmental conservation in various capacities in different parts of the world.

Dear Sirs,

We would like to join the thousands of other concerned citizens from around the world who are calling on you to halt the commissioning of the nuclear power plant at Koodankulam.

We recommend that the nuclear power plant be halted because:

■ The construction violates the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Safety Guidelines as Koodankulam is in a tsunami and earthquake prone region which has also experienced small volcanic eruptions and is affected by water shortages.

■ It is also in violation of the mandatory requirement for construction of fresh water reservoirs which are essential in case of a nuclear accident. This is significant, because fresh water is the main remedy in the event of a nuclear emergency. One of the main factors for the severity of major nuclear accidents – such as at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima – was lack of fresh water.

■ Mandatory reports on the safety of the construction are being withheld from the public and the media.
We urge you to:

■ Withdraw sedition and ‘war against the state’ cases amongst other false charges filed against members of Koodankulam People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy who have been protesting non-violently and that Section 144 be lifted from the region.

■ Ensure that international safety regulations with respect to the above points are stringently followed.

■ Ensure that all reports, reviews and information related to the nuclear plant are made transparent and accessible to the public.

People’s basic human rights and environmental safety procedures in the construction of a major nuclear power plant have been abused. Paying short shrift to these mandatory procedures can have mammoth consequences of global proportions.

We fully appreciate that energy needs and security are of a priority for a growing economy and implore that alternative measures be investigated and invested in, rather than resorting to nuclear power plants in ecologically unsound circumstances.

Yours sincerely,

1. John Seed, www.johnseed.net, Rainforest Information Centre (www.rainforestinfo.org.au). [email protected]
2. Danielle Dao [email protected]
3. Dennis Rivers [email protected]
4. Patricia Fleming [email protected]
5. John Davidson [email protected]
6. Peter Gould :[email protected]
7. George Jean Winston :[email protected], Mission St KATOOMBA NSW 2780, Australia
8. bade kucukoglu :[email protected]
9. Judith K Canepa :[email protected], Co-founder, New York Climate Action Group United States of America
10. Sandy Eastoak :[email protected]
11. Monica Winston :[email protected]
12. Kirsten Johnsen, [email protected] ,
Ukiah, California, USA=3D
13. Gar Smith :[email protected] Editor Emeritus, Earth Island Journal Co-founder, Environmentalists Against War Berkeley, California, USA
14. Dianne Brause :[email protected]], USA
15. Jeremiah Wallack, USA
16. Kerrie Pimm” 17. Gemma Plesman” 18. Heather Hyde” 19. Anjali Walsh” 20. Susie Russell” 21. S DEWAR” 22. Robert Wyffels” 23. Gillian Newton” 24. Robin Clayfield”
25. Chris Prem”
26. Carrie Saxifrage ,[email protected]
27. Bob Gould, BA, Dip Ed Australia
28. Don Fanning, Flagstaff, AZ, USA
29. Jon Sherman, 244 S. Bent Ave, San Marcos, CA 92078 USA :[email protected]] 30. Monica King LMSW, ACSW Psychotherapist. [email protected]
31. Frazer Kirkman, [email protected], United Visions
32. Gilbert Louttit, [email protected] Australia
33. Sigrid Delmotte, Britse Lei 32, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium. [email protected]
34. Tanya Nolte,Australia. [email protected]
35. Robyn Whiteman, [email protected]
36. Christina, Taiwan. [email protected]
37. Dean Winwood, Southern Cross University, Australia. [email protected]
38. Jennifer Cameroon, Australia. [email protected]
39. Vivienne Simon, Esq. USA [email protected]
40. Harsha Prabhu, Byron Bay, Australia, [email protected]
41. Tahlia Newland, Centrepeice Productions, [email protected]
42. Almah Tararia, Papua New Guinea . [email protected]
43. Lianne Bridges, Montreal, Canada, [email protected]
44. Michael Puck, [email protected]
45. Nicholas Grace, Sydney, Australia
46. David Lamb, [email protected]
47. Sun Hyland, [email protected]
48. Jude Garrecht, [email protected]
49. Almah Tararia, Papua New Guinea. [email protected]
50. Lianne Bridges, Montreal, Canada. [email protected]
51. Michael Puck. [email protected]
52. Nicholas Grace, Sydney, Australia. [email protected]
53. Jude Garrecht, [email protected]
54. Sally Mathrick. [email protected]
55. Jarl Pfluger, Australia. [email protected]
56. Tee Kay. [email protected]
57. Lydia Kindred, Rosebank, NSW, Australia. [email protected]
58. John Dickson, [email protected]
59. Nicholas Payne, NSW, Australia. [email protected]
60. Elaine Catton, NSW Australia. [email protected]