Santanu Chakraverti

On 20th May 2012 we shall release it at 10.30 AM from Earthcare Books at 10 Middleton Street and at 5 PM from Shishu Mela (a children’s fair) at Shamil, a children’s school at Chittaranjan Colony, Kolkata.

Another meeting will be held at 5.30 PM at B 23/2 Rabindranagar, Kolkata 18 on the issue with the people who responded to a statement issued on 7th May 2012 by Sujoy Basu, the veteran anti-nuclear activist. Here is the statement:

“The peaceful democratic movement against the KKNP is being brutally suppressed by the both the state and central government forces. The number of arrests is a record in independent India. Thousands of local people, mostly fishermen and their families, mortally frightened by the disaster at Fukushima shown on TV, have been relentlessly opposing the start up of the nuclear power plant for the safety of their lives and those of future generations. Whatever the assurances from the DAE and the NPCIL, an accident can never be ruled out. There is still time to convert the NPP into a thermal power plant, as has been done in the case of the Zimmer NPP that was close to completion in the USA. Learned representatives of the international community, including Nobel Laureates, have written to the Prime Minister and Home Minister, and also to the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu to stop the brutal repression and shut down the KKNP. We seek your support for this unique social movement.”

The following persons from Kolkata, West Bengal, have endorsed the appeal. Please add the names to your list.

1. Sujay Basu
2. Mihir Chakroborty
3. Aditi Singha
4. Sayantoni Datta
5. Abhijit Mitra
6. Mitra Chatterjee
7. Saumendra Basu
8. Bodhisatwa Ray
9. Sushovan Dhar
10. Mihir Bhosale
11. Pradipta Chattopadhyay
12. Sagarika Chowdhury
13. Pratip Nag
14. Mahua Dutta
15. Kunal Chattopadhyay
16. Soma Marik
17. Ashok Chowdhury
18. Ashok Anjara
19. Rabin Chakraborty
20. Bharat Mansata
21. Vinita Mansata
22. Debjit Dutta
23. Ripon Fio
24. Debaleena Ghosh
25. Arka Sinha Roy
26. Kushal Chowdhury
27. Chapal Ghosh
28. Kaushik Chaudhury
29. Sahabuddin
30. Sudipto Chakravarty
31. Kartik Patra
32. Anuradha Mahapatra
33. Manik Mondal
34. Tarek Kaji
35. Proshit Das
36. Sitangshusekhar
37. Nirmalya Chanda
38. Bilas Sarkar
39. Krishnendu Mandal
40. Tamal Bhaumik
41. Churni Bhaumik
42. Manidipa Bhaumik
43. Gargi Ray
44. Biplab Chowdhury
45. Mithun Narayan Basu
46. Jiten Nandi
47. Amita Nandi
48. Sriman Chakroborty
49. Pradip Chatterjee
50. Gora Ganguly
51. Asis Mukherjee
52. Basudev Ghosh
53. Tarun Kumar Ghosh
54. Ashim Kumar Chakroborty
55. Dipankar Sarkar
56. Bijon Kahali
57. Kashinath Ghosh
58. Maya Ghosh
59. Mrityunjoy Samanta
60. Chandra Sekhar Prasad
61. Ranjit Chandra
62. Bapi Jana
63. Kanailal Biswas
64. Piyali Biswas
65. Ananga Mohan Das
66. Debabrata Mondal
67. Subrata Mondal
68. Ajoy Nath
69. Sudipta Majumdar
70. Sudip Majumdar
71. Dibakar Dutta
72. Socrates Sardar
73. Susmita Jana,
74. Piyali Das
75. Somnath Dey
76. Moumita Pramanik
77. Piu Karmakar
78. Tanmoy Das
79. Arghadeep Jana
80. Indrani Roy
81. Arumoy Dutta
82. Rohit Das
83. Suman Das
84. Arpita Mondal
85. Subhajit Bip
86. Chandana Das
87. Santu Mondal
88. Arup Mondal
89. Amalendu Sarkar
90. Shamik Sarkar
91. Santanu Chacraverti
92. Sasanka Dev
93. Partha Nag
94. Debashis Das Roy
95. Kajal Mukherjee