Poovulagin Nanbargal: Complaint Filed against the commissioning of the Koodankulam NPP in IAEA, AERB and Other Organisations

Download copies of complaints filed in AERB and IAEA

Poovulagin Nanbargal Files complaint against the commissioning of the KKNPP in IAEA, AERB and various other organisations without following Mandatory Guidelines.

NPCIL is working on overtime to prepare the Nuclear Power plant at Koodankulam (Unit 1) to become operational in the shortest possible time frame. The unit 1&2 is constructed without conducting the Public Hearing and also based on the Public hearing the preparation of EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment). All the mandatory norms prescribed by AERB and IAEA has been flouted at will and NPCIL is going ahead with the commissioning. No Volcano Hazard study, Tsunami Hazard study and Karst Study has not been done as the plant site is prone to all these Natural Hazards.

It is also shocking to note that the NPCIL is going ahead with the commissioning of the plant without even conducting the mandatory mock drills and off-site emergency preparedness for the people living in the 30KMs radius of the plant, this is mandatory according to the AERB/IAEA guidelines. All the people (around 15 lakhs) living in the 30 KMs radius of the plant should be trained on evacuation before loading the fuel in the reactor. We understand that the people have not been trained in these aspects from a RTI petition filed by the PMANE team.

In this background, we have filed complaints with AERB, IAEA and various other organisations to stall the commissioning of the Unit 1 of Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant. A copy of the complaint is attached with this for your reference. Lot of our organisations are lodging complaints against the commissioning of the Koodankulam Nuclear power plant.

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