Seige continues in Koodankulam: At least 20,000 people on the eastern coumpound wall from the sea side.

People refused to talk to the Superintendent of Police (SP), the District Collector of Thirunelveli is expected to arrive. Administration’s demand to talk to the movement leaders – against whom sedition and other charges are slapped – is also refused by the people.

Here are some pictures shared by Anthony kebiston Ferando on facebook:

  • Thamizhappa

    Thare are greener, safe and financially viable ways to produce electricity. Koodankulam and kalpakkam are …

  • Vin

    I feel really ashamed that I could only leave a comment when my brothers and sisters are protesting in a peaceful manner for our future…I hope they are successful this time. Wish them the very best and a great, safe future.

  • Dr. Elaine

    Such a beautiful courageous crowd. I am with you in my heart with high hope your country will return to democracy; will come to its senses. Where the people lead in the region of Koodankulam and other approved sites, the leaders should follow.
    In the US most nuclear power plants were build long ago on sites where few people lived then and when few knew the long-term burden on life, land and even economies. Nuclear power was sold as “clean, safe, too cheap to meter”. Wishful thinking at its very worst. I live in a state that in recent times refused the “opportunity” to approve 8 nuclear power plants, thank goodness. The tides are turning in that direction. It is travesty to locate nuclear power plants so close to such a large population–or anywhere else for that matter!

  • Dipak Piplai

    ” The people, and the people alone, are the motive force in the making of world history. ” – Mao Tse-tung ( April 24, 1945 )

  • Maria Edward Raj.D

    Its too long war, Lets join with Koodangulam people together and protest to win to save present and future healthy generation i wish them very best and get success to people.

    D – Determine for People
    E – Execution for People
    M- Manage for People
    C- Care full with People
    R- Retain the Political Power for People
    A – Attainable and aggressive of People
    T – Treatable with equity and equality of People
    I – Independents with people
    C – Country for people

  • vinod

    it is very pathetic situation on the part of government that there was a lathi charge on the people of kudamkulam who are protesting peacefully

  • fredjeev

    This is a do or die situation. In this Demo(N)cracy that we are living in, fighters are made. I wish that the government run absolutely without any responsibility and politicians who think that they can do anything and the police and military used to terrorize the people must STOP! and get lost or die in the reactors or drown in the sea. However, since Dr. Udaykumar has asked to keep peace and show non-violence, I wish that all these evil-doers turn good and realize how dangerous they are to the society and change. If change can happen in Libya, change can happen in Egypt, change can happen in India too. Its time for change…