It’s a call from the other India that has become ‘foreign’ to our Prime Minister. A sustainably living community has refused to be part of the profit-driven system and is struggling against the mighty state for last 25 years. We must come out and support them.

Branding people’s struggles ‘foreign’ and repressing our own people has become the hallmark of this government that is undermining our democracy.

Reach Koodankulam on your own. This spontaneous march to Koodankulam is to save our democracy, our people and our ecology. Be part of it.

For further details about the protest and the routes, contact:

P K Sundaram, New Delhi (9810556134, [email protected])
Lalita Ramdas, Alibagh ([email protected])
Neeraj Jain, Pune (09422220311, [email protected])
Sajeer Rehman, Kalikut (09447218282, [email protected])
Muthu Krishnan, Madurai (09443477353, [email protected])
Anivar Aravind, Bangalore (09448063780, [email protected])

  • seena

    i am coming there on March 15 with friends to say no to nuclear energy…..

  • P.Sukumar


  • Nithilan.p

    Nuclear is a powerful disaster so leave that…

  • maria

    Stop Kundankulam, We don’t want another Chernoby,nor another Fukushima. Even after 25 years of nuclear disaster people around the world are still suffering from it. STOP THIS MADNESS, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, WHEN IS THE GOVERNMENT GOING TO LEARN FROM THESE CATASTROPHES? Thousands of people have died in Ukarine and Belarus and how many millions around that region are suffering from cancer and dying each day? Once these disaster occur no government is there to help, the victims they are left to alone.These radioactive particles have a life of 30 years. I don’t want my children to be inhaling these particles which will make them sick for life. Europe was not spared from this disaster the rivers and lakes were polluted and all the fish died. Even when Fukushima disaster happened last year the european governments issued warning to the people not to eat vegetables and milk. Keep fighting for our freedom and make sure the corporate interest doesn’t get in our way.