Nuclear scientists in India allege victimisation: reveal unsafe practices, deliberate polluting of sea

The Sunday Standard, the weekly special edition of the Indian Express, has revealed the rampant victimisation of nuclear scientists in the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre(BARC) which they have said is often hushed up citing the sensitive and secret nature of the work.

The 3 scientists have written a petition to the Prime Minister, seeking immediate intervention.

More importantly, some of the issues raised by the scientists go much beyond the departmental issues and pertain to the deliberate safety violations and malpractices of the BARC.

BARC Scientist B. N Singh, has alleged that his supervisor P K Wattal has been harassing him and other brilliant scientists. he has also highlighted violations of safety norms by such a high-handed and corrupt administration:

“Wattal directed the scientists to discharge the effluent to sea with available dilution, which was much higher than the permissible limit. “This action would have led to serious violation of plant technical specifications… if some NGOs come to know through periodical sampling of the sea water… it will be very difficult for BARC to face the consequences late,” Singh has been quoted saying by the Sunday Standard.

This is something serious as the disposal of contaminated water by the BARC into the sea would imperil the lives and health of citizens of Mumbai. The court and competent authorities must take a suo-moto action over this revelation.





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