November 10-13, 2011

The people of South India have fought long and hard against the two Russian VVER-1000 reactors being built in Kudankulam village in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. The government turned a blind eye to their protests and went ahead with the construction of the plant. Now, as the plant nears completion, the people’s dam of patience has broken. Tens of thousands of people have launched a intense agitation and have gheraoed the plant, demanding that the plant be shut down permanently.

The government of India, its nuclear establishment and several top intellectuals who have sold their souls to the country’s ruling elites have launched a massive propaganda campaign to denigrate the movement. They are claiming that vested interests are behind the movement, and that the plant is necessary for the development of the country. They are claiming that nuclear energy is clean, safe, green and cheap, and is the best solution to meet our future energy needs. They are all lying. They believe that if you lie frequently and with conviction, people will believe you.


Even if nuclear reactors operate normally, their environmental costs are terrible. The process of fissioning uranium to generate heat and produce electricity in a nuclear reactor also results in the creation of more than 200 types of highly radioactive elements. Many of these elements will continue to release radiation for thousands of years. A 1000 MW nuclear reactor contains within it radiation equivalent to that released by 1000 Hiroshima bombs!

The country’s nuclear scientists – who are no longer scientists, but have become paid agents – are claiming that nuclear plants do not emit any of this radiation, and even if it leaks, radiation is safe and not harmful to humans and the environment. They are lying. Even during normal operation of a nuclear plant, small or large amounts of this radiation routinely leaks out into the atmosphere. An even more monstrous problem is the problem of radioactive waste. The two Kudankulam reactors will generate 3600 tons of waste in their life of 60 years, which will remain radioactive for more than 2 lakh years. There is no safe way of storing these deadly wastes for such a long period of time; and so the waste inevitably leaks. The impact of this radiation on the human body is deathly: it causes all kinds of cancer, infertility, premature aging, kidney problems, and several other diseases, and also mutates the reproductive genes – causing all kinds of diseases and birth deformities in future generations. Consequently, people living near nuclear plants will suffer these effects for thousands of years.

The water discharged into the ocean by the cooling systems of the nuclear plant will be carrying a terrific amount of heat.  This will lead to a sharp decline in the fish catch in the coastal areas, destroying the livelihoods of tens of thousands of local fisherfolk. It has happened with coastal nuclear plants around the world, from the USA to India (Kalpakkam and Tarapur nuclear plants).

Nuclear Plants are Accident-prone

And if there is a major accident in the nuclear plant its consequences will be simply devastating. It has happened several times in the past, like the Chernobyl accident in Ukraine (1986) and the more recent Fukushima accident in Japan. The nuclear establishment has been lying about the impact of these accidents, because if the full impact becomes known to the people of the world, it would sound the death knell for the nuclear power industry worldwide. Here are a few facts about Chernobyl: i) More than 100,000 square miles around Chernobyl – twice the area of Tamil Nadu – is heavily contaminated, and will remain so for thousands of years; ii) Nearly 10 lakh people died worldwide due to Chernobyl up to 2004; this number will continue to increase for many generations; iii) More than 5 million people who continue to live in the most dangerously contaminated areas know that they are forever contaminated, that they could get cancer anytime, and that future generations could be born with severe birth defects; iv) Children are the worst affected, less than 20% children are healthy in the contaminated areas, and in the heavily contaminated areas, it is difficult to find one healthy child.

The accident in the Fukushima Nuclear Plant in Japan is even bigger than Chernobyl. Its full consequences will be known in the coming years. So far, nearly 1 lakh people have been evacuated in areas around the damaged plant; they are never going to return to their homes. In the rest of Japan, the radiation leaking from the plant is going to contaminate the soil, groundwater, Pacific Ocean, leading to contamination of vegetables, rice, fruits, fish, milk…  Independent European scientists estimate that over 2 lakh Japanese living in the region 200 kms from the plant are going to develop cancers over the next 10 years…

Because of these terrible effects, most countries around the world have stopped building nuclear plants. The US has not ordered a new plant for nearly 40 years now, since October 1973, and Canada since 1978. A majority of countries of Western Europe have banned nuclear power plants. After Fukushima, countries which had nuclear plants, like Germany and Switzerland,  have decided to close  down their existing nuclear plants too.

India’s establishment scientists are lying about the safety of the Kudankulam reactors. A Chernobyl or Fukushima type accident can happen again, anywhere, in any reactor in the world, and also at Kudankulam, as nuclear technology is a complex technology and is inherently prone to catastrophic accidents.

Alternative Solution to Energy Crisis

Paying such enormous costs to meet our electricity needs is sheer madness, when safe and environmentally friendly solutions exist: maximizing energy efficiency and using renewable energy sources. Through measures such as increasing generation, transmission and end-use efficiency, and elimination of wasteful consumption, it is possible to reduce electricity demand by a whopping 30-40%! If that is done, there would actually be no need to build new power plants for the next few years!! Our future growth needs can then be met from renewable energy sources. Even the government admits their potential to be: Wind Energy – 48,500 MW; Small Hydro Power – 15,000 MW; Biomass Energy – 21,000 MW; and at least 50,000 MW from Solar Energy. The actual potential is much more. Furthermore, while nuclear electricity costs are rising, renewable energy costs are rapidly falling: wind energy is already cheaper than conventional electricity, while solar photovoltaic energy cost is expected to become so by 2015-20.

Why this madness?

In the name of globalisation, for the last two decades, successive governments have been running the Indian economy solely for maximising the profits of giant foreign and Indian business houses – through schemes like SEZs, privatisation of public sector corporations and financial  institutions at throwaway prices, allowing them to plunder mountains, forests and rivers for their immense mineral wealth displacing lakhs of people, allowing them to take over education, health and other essential services and mint super profits, and so on. And so, with nuclear power on decline in the West, the Manmohan Singh government is promoting nuclear energy in India – so as to provide foreign nuclear corporations and their Indian collaborators a $150 billion business opportunity. India’s rulers have sold their souls to the devil for a price that would have shamed Faust!

Support the Kudankulam struggle

The people of Southern India are waging a determined struggle against the Kudankulam nuclear plant. They are fighting to defend their livelihoods and environment, and the health of their coming generations. They are actually fighting for all of us, for the people of the entire country. In order to support the struggle of the people of this region, and register our protest against government plans to set up a series of nuclear plants across the country as a solution to the country’s energy crisis, we, the citizens of India, are taking out this Yatra from Madurai to Kudankulam, to be concluded with a National Seminar in Chennai. We demand of the government of India:

1. Scrap the Kudankulam nuclear power project! Scrap all new nuclear power plants!!

2. Phase out all existing nuclear plants at the earliest.

3. Invest massively in energy saving and development of renewable technologies!


Issued on behalf of


Prof. Banwarilal Sharma, Azadi Bachao Andolan, Allahabad; Fr. Thomas Kocherry, National Federation of Fishworkers, Trivandrum; Scientist Soumya Dutta, Delhi; Physicist Suvrat Raju, Allahabad; Researcher P.K. Sundaram, Delhi; Social Scientist Asit Das, Delhi; Scientist V.T. Padmanabhan, Trivandrum; Scientist Dr. Vishnu Kamat, Bangalore; Major General Sudhir Vombatkere, Mysore; Scientist Y. B. Ramakrishna, Citizens  against Nuclear Energy (CANE), Bangalore; PUCL activist Arati Chokshi,  Bangalore; Debasis Shyamal, National Fishworkers Forum, Kolkata; Activist Vaishali Patil, Mumbai; Neeraj Jain, Lokayat, Pune; Journalist Nityanand Jayaraman, Chennai; Writer-activist A. Muthukrishnan, Madurai; Chennai Solidarity Group; and several more activists from Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.


  • Subru

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  • Subru

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  • Jose Paul

    Comment on your article:

    (1) You are accusing that all Nuclear Scientist working with DAE are not scientist because they are not betraying their profession and organization so you are calling them as paid agents. Your statements itself shows your arrogance and irresponsibility.

    (2) First of all you people should understand the applications of Nuclear Science. It does not limit only in nuclear power generation. Various applications are there including in medical science. Radiation is using in human body to cure ailments. Other points it is true that no plants are emitting radiation but you people are emitting allegations. If there is no damage in any of our NPPs then where is the question of leakage and environmental damage.

    (3) In India around 18 NPPs are working. Indian Nuclear Scientists having around 40 years experience in this field. Spend fuel processing plants are there in India. No media or anti-nuclear agency found out any nuclear waste from any part of India so far. KKNPP spend fuel is not a waste as you mentioned but it is an asset. DAE is have processing unit to handle those spend fuel.

    (4) You are propagating that surrounding population of NPPs are suffering various diseases but no documentary evidences are there with you people to prove it. You heard from somewhere and without looking the ground reality spread bad news all around. All over the world 445 NPPs are there. Those NPPs are not operating from 100km away by using remote system. Employees are working in shift in NPPs and most of the employees’ housing colonies are within 5-6km distance from NPPs. Lot of studies were done regarding health and environmental aspects. Yearly medical check-ups are conducting but no unusual events are reported so far. As per your theory the radiation is only affect the local people not employeesof NPPs or their family members. You people should go and see at least one NPP to know what is happening there.

    (5) Water discharge from plant is not at all contaminated one. The discharged water heat is not terrific that is only 5 degree above the normal water temperature and that is permissible. No adverse effect to marine eco system is reported either from Kalpakkam or Tarapur. Don’t spread false news.

    (6) Three mile Island incident happened in 1979 and Chernobyl disaster was in 1986. Last 32 years you people are blaming nuclear energy and search for alternate energy. Tell where is the answer? Wind, Solar or any non-conventional energy are good for dreaming. Who canl afford Rs.12-14 per unit cost? We Indians are making protest even small hike in petroleum products. Whether you people are ready to afford 5time higher electricity bill?

    We, media watching people know who is behind you people. In Maharashtra assembly one minister revealed that 11 corporate houses are spending 500crors against Nuclear Power Plants.

  • krishna

    Excellent Mr.Jose Paul, Good coverage of the real facts. Indian Atomic energy community has good track records. During pokhran-I, the Rajastan Atomic power station was under construction with Candian Coloboration. After the nuclear test, candians left us and we were technically isolated from the world. But scientific community, took as challenge and completd the project. Because of that now India is mastered in this technology.

    Before commenting anything, try to understand the facts.

    Jai hind!

  • jeevan

    Anybody wants Rs500 and one plate chicken Biriyani, go and join the march.

    • Ashwin


  • Supreed Kumar

    Well Done Mr.Jose Paul. Adding to your comments, when there was earthquake in north India the only power plant which survived and continued operation was the Nuclear Power Plant at Narora. The then CMD of NPCIL told media that the safest place to be in during an earth quake is the reactor building. That turned to be true during the earthquake.

    I heard that the protestors are targeting Kerala as well. When a Mammoth devil like Mullaperiyar which can washout almost half part of Kerala is existing, why should Keralites believe the rumours spread by these Tamil protestors. When it comes to Mullaperiyar Dam, which is scientifically proven that its in danger, The Tamilbnadu govt or the politica leaders give no value for life and property of Lakhs of Keralites. While the Kudankulam issue which is the brain child of a selfish group indented to make some kind of profit out of it is a major concern. really we are ashamed of u !!!

    Be logical in thinking dont be emotional in thinking !!!

  • Paakran

    Yes Supred! You are very correct. In kudankulam issue , tamil nadu political parties are going with emotions and they not ready to listen the technical facts. But in the case of mullaperiyar , the same people are not ready to listen the emotions of keralites. There they are believing engineering, not emotions.

    What a comedy !!!!!!!!!!!

    Mulaiperiyar is the river which starts,runs and ends in kerala and the dam is in kerala. I don't want divert the issue to Mullaperiyar. But the fact, people should realise the reality and speak the truth.

  • venkata

    Dear authors, if you people are really worried about nuclear power, kindly give replies to follwing very small query’s

    1."The country’s nuclear scientists – who are no longer scientists, but have become paid agents claiming that nuclear plants do not emit any of this radiation, and even if it leaks, radiation is safe and not harmful to humans and the environment. They are lying."

    Paid agents to whom.. if they are lying what benefit they will get….

    As you people wrote they are lying, then how these people are working in nuclear power plants. So do you people are thinking those who are working in NPP's are sacrificing their life. If your statement is true, in india no nuclear power plant will have run for this longer time.

    As rightly said @ krishna, after phokran-1, indians are completely isolated in nuclear field, after great struggle and work of great scientists, we became the master in our technology. A true indian should appreciate about this.

    2. “The two Kudankulam reactors will generate 3600 tons of waste in their life of 60 years, which will remain radioactive for more than 2 lakh years.”

    What is the source of the information. Kindly do not mislead the public for your selfish nature.

    3. “The accident in the Fukushima Nuclear Plant in Japan is even bigger than Chernobyl. Its full consequences will be known in the coming years. “

    If above statement is right, why there is no Death is noted due to radiation after accident like Chernobyl. One more information who are using their brains to mislead people is that, recently japan government has decreased evacuation zone from 30km to 20 km, and people again re-occupied their houses. Can you explain why they have decreased, is that accident happened 2 laks of years before.

    4. “Alternative Solution to Energy Crisis”.

    Don’t’ try to show the heaven in empty hands, if it is so why all these Alternative Solutions not came from so long time. From last 25 years we are struggling for these alternative sources but till know why they did’t cop up in the market.

    5. “Support the Kudankulam struggle

    The people of Southern India are waging a determined struggle against the Kudankulam nuclear plant. They are fighting to defend their livelihoods and environment, and the health of their coming generations. They are actually fighting for all of us, for the people of the entire country. “

    Reality is that they are not all worried about radiation, they also know that kudankulam is very safe reactor which will increase pride of our inida. Only the local parties near the plant needs money, if they get money they will stop agitation. This is came only because of new government formation and this government did’t get benefitted by this NPP. See if these peoples are compensated then surely this agitation will be stoped and these well educated authors only tell us that this kudankulam plant is safiest plant in the world. This is the future…

  • K Prameela

    Hoping good will to Koodankulam reactor, in concurrence with Shri Jose Paul ,Shri Supreed and Shri Venkata comments , I wanted the authors (who are worrying about Energy crisis in India but do not want the nuclear power as an option) to kindly reply the following querries

    "The water discharged into the ocean by the cooling systems of the nuclear plant will be carrying a terrific amount of heat. This will lead to a sharp decline in the fish catch in the coastal areas, destroying the livelihoods of tens of thousands of local fisherfolk"——– Can you please give the numerical value of the heat being released and how it is classified as Terrific.

    " A 1000 MW nuclear reactor contains within it radiation equivalent to that released by 1000 Hiroshima bombs!"—–Can you please explain this with radiological calculations.

  • Jose Paul

    Koodankulam project – Nationalist Uprise against Anti National Catholic Movement.

    Scientifically well informed sections, Social groups cutting across divides, and even natiolanist Christians have started coming out in support of Power starved and growth stunted Tamilandu’s much needed and politically scuttled Koodangulam Reactor project.

    Notable was the Catholic special correspondent of Dinamalar who had met the Arch Bishop and submitted his findings of how Anti Koodangulam movement runs its show-

    Free meals –Briyani, Two wheelers and transportation and Rs 500 for those volunteering from Christian dominated South at Kanyakumari complains this sincere reporter- to stage a fake anti-nuclear agitation at Koodangulam.

    In a commendable act of patriotism Sathyaseelan himself a Catholic and a senior journalist had informed the Bishop office that Catholic Priests are outstaying their religious sphere into anti-national politics and indulging in active promotion of unscientific views and are providing funds and sermons inducing the ill informed laity and especially creating unscientific rumours among the Fishermen communities.

    In his special report he also tells how catholic priests are inciting the mobilised mobs to stone the scientists from entering and conducting even their routine safety maintenance that has already warned could lead to malfunction and jeopardise safety.He also appealed the unbiased and scientifically updates Pro-Nuclear Power groups to be accorded a hearing on this matter and not get carried away by Foreigner sponsored malicious propagandists.


    In a heartening show of Social solidarity and national spirit, an all communities’ conference held where disparate community leaders in one voice called spade a spade- that opposing Indian Nuclear Power capacities are Traitors and must be booked.

    All community Meet in support of Tamilnadu’s Power plant at koodngulam was held at Tri cee Residency Hotel at Chennai titled “Secure Nuclear Power generation- the need of the Hour for the Nation”.


    Jayapalji the leader of kshatriya Nadars stressed the need to scale up Power generation at war footing.

    “The opposition to this nuclear plant comes from those who who do not care for Nation’s Growth. Since this an attempt on foreign powers jealous of India’s economic growth, we condemn this movement and outfits and the National Security Act to be deployed without hesitation against them as saboteurs.

    The Central and State governments must allow the experts to be heard and their assurances made to reach the misguided public.Resolution condemning barricade of former President Abdul Kalam. A strong condemnation against the Anti-Nuclear agitators physically barring the entry into the site of Abdul kalamji who himself being an

    eminent Scientist was passed uproariously.

    We also take note of one reader at a daily state- ‘we will never condone any insult to Abdul Kalam as a Tamilian’.

    All India Muvendar Front’s Sethuraman-

    “ They are not making a nuclear bomb at the Reactor. They are making Electricity. We are doctors and we need nuclear Isotopes for treatment of Cancer –which is prohibitively expensive and at present needs imports and at mercy of foreigners. Our students also need to specialise in Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine. There is an invisible hand of vested foreign powers in this unscientific opposition to Reactor. They are getting money from somewhere”.

    Yadhavar Peravai’s Kanthaiahji-

    “I belong to Nellore. Some media and political outfits have started on a warpath to Koodangulam. I ask the people this question- Why is this anti-nuclear movement allowing only politicians with divide and rule mentality and stopping scientists and Experts from voicing science?”

    What is the mystery behind not having eminent Scientists or Doctors in their Team “?

    The Chief Minister Selvi Jayalalitha is known for her bold decisions and she must exercise the will of scientific community- she must take a majestic decision.

    Tamilnadu Brahmin Associtaion- General secraraty Narayananji spoke-

    “ We Indians must resort to Logical conclusions and not Emotional noensense and anti-science. Behind this Opposition there seems clearly some Foreign Conspiracy”

    Vannyar Sangh’s C N Ramamurthy

    “ They have started a Nuclear reactor. Now we must stop this- “-people mustn’t talk ignorantly like this. Our relations with other countries will get affected as well if we behave like this. Indian scientists are the best among world scientists. We stay close in that area among those scientists and their families. Just wonder this- If there is cause for concern for Radiation- will these Russian and Indian scientists decide to permanently stay there and serve the reactor with their kids? “

    Parayar peravai leader Krishna Parayanrji-

    “ Indian science and technology has evolved and advanced fast.Therefore this Nuclear Phobia is a Maya. Propaganda. If they think they can spread panic and spread rumours against Indian scientists, then our Peravai will launch state wide Pro-Reactor agitation “amidst applause.

    Mayilai Sukumar

    ‘The so called anti-Reactor agitation is staged with paid and bought crowds. We know Sea shores of India are rich in thorium and some super rich Thorium Sand quarry traders in black market are behind this attempt to stifle our own Reactor.”

    Indian Democratic Party’s Rajanji

    “The Japanese Fakushimo Reactor is based on old Technology. What we have built at koodangulam is 3rd Generation Reactor with advanced safety technologies in place. It is a white lie that Cancer spreads in the vicinity of Nuclear reactors- studies have disproved them.” Former Nuclear reactor Official Rajanji

    “I have worked and lived at many Nuclear reactors. To tell the truth level of Radiation exposure at vicinity of Reactor are lesser than normal devices we use- such as Cell Phones and Laptaps and X-ray machines. I fact these have much higher levels of Radiation. So we ask- will the anti-nuclear agitators then be asking people to

    throw away cell phones laptops and refuse to take X rays?

    There is no scientific basis to all their agreements and panic. Those who spread such unscientific lies and Rumours at service of foreign powers must be chucked out of the country.

    Report- courtesy Dinamalar 3-11-2011

  • Ignatius Fernando

    Mr.Paul, Interesting! Will you re-locate yourself with family to Koodankulam area and live with peace of mind?

    • Muskan

      Mr Fernando pl make note that the employees & their family members do stay near to the plant. They ofcourse have full confidence in indian nuclear programme which is running successful in India without any single eventuality since almost 40years.

      • Puneet Swaroop

        Not only their families live near to the plant site, the plant operation and maintenance personnel work daily for an average of 10 to 12 hrs. These are the people who know the best about the plant safety. All these people are professionally qualified and are cream of India, they are not working/ staying near a Nuclear Power Plant with any compulsions. Unlike the Anti- Nuc individuals, which have to be their near a plant due to their Anti Nuc business, these plant personnel can get a luxurious life in any of the Metro city of India and abroad. But their presence in a remote village near the plant is a strongest proof of the plant's safety and their commitment to the nation..

  • Jose Paul

    Peace of mind is within you Mr.Ignatius Fernando. If you are having an over fear you cannot live with peace of mind anywhere in the world. I do not know the kudamkulam climate. If it is suitable for agriculture activities I definitely interested to purchase 10 acres of land and do cultivation. I am not joking. I need irrigation facility that's all.

    Mr.Ignatius Fernando we should listen spiritual teachings from priests and scientific knowledge from Scientists. Believe on eminent scientific community. They will not give falls formations like our politicians and anti nuclear lobbies.

    One more information to add all KKNPP employees will not leave the plant area after commissioning of the plant. They will work within plant and live near by plant area with family.

  • Muskan

    Thank you Mr Jose Paul for your detailed explanation on nuclear programme. It is really surprised to know how the public is being mis led by some of the so called anti-nuclear activists. I think people are not knowing the facts that lot of nuclear community i.e. employees and their families are staying very close to these nuclear establishments. Mr IGNATIUS FERNANDO may please make a note that people are staying very close to plant sites at Tarapur(Maharashtra), Kalpakkam (TN) & other sites without any problem since many years. As already commentted above by Mr Jose Paul, indian nuclear programme is a proven one with a record operation of more than 15 reactors for a period of about 4 decades. And let the public be made aware that the dosage of radiation the are prone to recieve through sun rays, x-rays, mobile phones, TV sets etc every day is much more higher than they expect. As power is a key factor in developement of any state or country, nuclear power is the only alternative source to over come the growing power crisis. As the nuclear power is clean & green let's join hands to promote it and lets' make the dream of Dr Kalam " 20000Mw by 2020" come true……..Long live Nuclear Power……..

  • Ignatius Fernando

    Mr.Paul, I hail from that area, which is parched but blessed with fertile soil. What is need is the extension a river/tributary from KK District to kindle agricultural activities there. The Maharaja of Travancore ensured irrigation only upto Anjugramam. I have witnessed the peaceful protests taking place there and what the Dinamalar reporter (he can be even be an atheist, doesn't matter, does it?) says is not true. Yes, the clergy had been actively supporting. How do you expect the fasting protesters to consume Biryani? Some in the media are giving the current impasse a religious (or caste) touch. Irresponsible journalism indeed. Every " Amar, Akbar and Anthony" has had a harmonius co-existence. The pro-nuke lobby should not embark on disruptive measures using caste and religion. Harmony among people is more important than a nuclear plant. Mr.Paul, please visit the protest spot, interact with the people and understand their genuine concerns.

  • Jose Paul

    Mr. Fernado who is disturbing the communal harmony? Why Church is using for baseland of antinational activities? As per the paper published ISEC faculty "The main occupation of the people of this village is fishing on shores and the deep sea. In Koodankulam around 80 per cent of the employable workforce is jobless while in Edinthakarai 60 per cent are involved in fishing. The womenfolk in Koodankulam make a living by rolling beedi". I feel that the by the upcoming of power plant cheap man power from the area become unavailable for some group. They are also behind the mess.

    Koodankulam falls under the Tirunelveli Kattabomman district and I read in other article that the land is barron and hardly raining the area. No cultivation was possible without water. State government or local administration did not do any irrigation project by using the Pechiparai reservoir. People in Kudamkulam happily sold out their proper at a price of 2000/- per acre in 80s to Corporation to set-up a Nuclear Power Plant. Earlier Protest against the plant was proposed plan of using Pechiparai reservoir water for nuclear facility instead of agriculture. Plant authorities changed their plant and constructed desalination plant for plant usage and their residential colony usage.

    By using the religious influence Church authorities misled the people emotionally. By reading the articles from both the sides, it is clear that the church is bargaining by using their believers for some publically unknown agenda. They make us fool. I am also belonging to Christian community. I know the inner games of religious hierarchies. Money is main playing main role in all Christian movements. Here also I strongly feel that church might have received huge money from some vested interested sources. Probe should be conducted from where the money is coming to celebrate the protest strike.

    • Puneet Swaroop

      You are absolutely correct Mr Jose, Koodankulam region is in the rain shadow area, which means very scanty rains even during thick of rainy season. This semi-arid zone has moderate to severe salinity and alkalinity. All these factors have led to frequent crop fail¬ures and very low agriculture productivity The vegetation in this area was thorny and bushy with almost no coconut and banana trees. The soil appears barren with the cactus bloom and abundant anthills. The greenery seen now-a-days inside the plant and the residential colony is the result of very hard work and scientific drip-watering by the plant people. the start of mild raining in the resign is the result of these huge plantation. There is a visible difference between the well wishers of the plant's surrounding people and the anti-development people. Their are reports that some individuals are getting funds in proportion to the number of underdeveloped people in this area. Development of the area will adversely affect their income. That's why, in the name of the villagers these people are cooking their breads.

  • U.P.U. Menon

    Mr. Paul, Well done. You are trying to educate the people protesting against KKNPP with fact and figures. Unfortunately, there are few among the protesters who do not want to get educated on the positive side of nuclear energy. Some say it is their ideology or profession. When eminent scientists like Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Former President of India, Dr. R. Chidambaram, Principal Scientific Adviser to Govt. of India and many other who are authorities in the field are trying to allay the fears of local people, unfortunately certain people do not want to hear anything about pro-nuclear energy because of some unknown reasons. The countries like China, Pakistan and even Bangladesh are going in full swing towards nuclear both in Energy and Strategic sector. China, which is bouncing towards the status of superpower, will have about 70000 MWe energy in 2020 from nuclear. Almost all developing nations have opted for nuclear power in order to cater their energy needs. There are only few energy sources, which do not contribute global warming and one among is nuclear. India needs nuclear power in addition to Thermal, Hydal, Wind etc. Even developed nations find it difficult to tap energy from solar, wave large scale due to exorbitant unit cost involved. Everyone in the world is more worried about global warming and the consequent effect on the earth. Mr. Fernando, I am an employee of NPCIL for the last 39 years. I have worked both in construction units and operating units of NPCIL for about 27 years at different nuclear power stations. I have a family consisting of wife and a son. My son's basic education (10+2) was in Atomic Energy Central School at one of the nuclear plant's township, which is situated within 5 kms. radius from nuclear plant. Myself and my family never faced any safety/health risk through out life because of our proximity to nuclear power plants. My son is 32 years old and married I am at the verge of retirement from service and I can categorically state that nuclear power in India is very safe and clean, which in no way will affect the health and life of people around. Like me, more than 12000 employees are working in NPCIL in different levels and most of them are posted in nuclear power plants. I would like to give a little advice to Mr. Fernando and like minded people. If you are only worried about safety of KKNPP/other nuclear power reactors in India, you all are welcome to approach nearby nuclear power stations to have first hand knowledge about all aspects of nuclear power. In case you require any assistance in this regard you can contact me in my email address [email protected].

    • Puneet Swaroop

      Yes Mr Menon, the healthy NPCIL employees and their families are the live example to prove that the radiation around the Nuclear Power Plants negligible and very well in the limits.

      It is verified all around the world that the average number of years to be lived life in the vicinity of a Nuclear Power Plant are over 20% more as compared with the national average.

      If see the international national data the countries topping the nuclear power are topping in the life expectancy also. Most of these countries have above 80 yes life expectancy. Japan who has been the sufferer of the atom booms is topping the list with 82.6 yrs.In these countries Nuclear energy with clean, carbon free power is contributing greatly for the overall deportment of the country and thus the people.

  • Muskan

    The recent protests at Kudankulam has mainly imposed loss to the people of Kudankulam village. This has not made any difference to idinthikarai people. the economy of kudankulam people was mainly dependent on the rent of the rooms let out to the contract workers. As the workers were forced to vacate their rooms there is a great impact on the business at kudankulam also. the hotels, general stores, cloth stores, vegetable shops, electronics & home appliance shops etc. Lot of people from kudankulam village were also going for work at KK site. Apart from this many trucker jeeps were engaged in transporting the workers to site those are also idle now. The main source of income for Idinthekarai people is from fishing, which is being carried out by them daily without any stoppage. Hence the people affected are from Kudankulam village & not from Identhikarai.

  • Muskan

    Mr Jose Paul..Thanks for the replies to the comments against KKNPP. I also strongly support nuclear power. Regarding the protest there is definite financial help from some source otherwise no one can manage the show for such a long time. It is heard that pro nuclear group is also coming up in Chettikulam village and are planning to stage demonstration tomorrow. People from near vicinity should come forward and join hands in support of KKNPP and help in commissioning the first reactor at the earliest to help to over come the present power shortage.

  • Sandip Mazumder

    The preceding comments have dealt with the subject with very good zeal and factual details about nuclear performance at home and worldwide.

    We must very well understand that energy is the basic ingredient for development. And should we forget that more than 40% of our population does not have access to electricity? It is highly unpatriotic to oppose initiatives for infrastructure build up.

    Nuclear has to be part of the energy mix in the short term and will have to take a major role in the future, when the fossil sources will have perished, leave aside their environment impact. Renewable energy also needs to be pursued. But those who advocate that solar, wind or hydro can meet our huge demands, are trying to fool people. We should not hesitate to question their logic. France meets 80% of its electricity demands from nuclear and even exports to neighbours like Germany. Large number of nuclear plants are under construction in China and other countries. Even Bangladesh has signed agreement for Russian nuclear power plant.

    International energy strategists have concluded that nuclear energy has to be increased from the present 370 GWe to 1200 GWe by 2050 to meet the demands of the growing population and combat global warming. Nuclear safety has improved multi fold since the TMI and Chernobyl accidents and scientists are constantly trying to further improve the designs. The VVER at Kudamkulam, the EPR which is planned for Jaitapur, the ESBWR or AP1000 being planned in India are results of prolonged research and are the safest on date.

    The Fukushima plant is of vintage design which had to face a disaster of unimaginable proportion. Yet the lessons have been taken very seriously by the nuclear community and is sure to take safety standards to a higher level. The excellent safety records of Indian nuclear plants are due to the strong safety culture and also the exchange of best practices with all other plants around the world. The redeeming fact about the Fukushima accident is that not a single life has been lost and the area is getting cleared for people to return within eight months. The deaths due to the earthquake and Tsnuami have been unparalelled.

    There are numerous casualties in road accidents, plane crashes, train accidents and the like. Do we stop travelling and stay in the comfort of our houses? We need to guard against forces which are hell bent on derailing the countries progress. In the bargain the poor and underprivileged has to suffer, because they still do not have the ability to distinguish the good from the evil.

    Suggest that the people are made aware of the Integrated Energy Policy adopted by the Government in 2007, which is the result of the first ever systematic study done of the energy resources and provides a roadmap for the future energy program.

    If we are true Indians, we need to educate people with facts and not terrorise them with distorted facts. Anna Hazare led the country in a unprecedented movement to eradicate corruption. We will need a similar effort to expose people who are working against the country's best interests. Let us join hands to protect our country and help in economic development, which is badly needed.

  • Ignatius Fernando

    There are numerous casualties in road accidents, plane crashes, train accidents and the like. Do we stop travelling and stay in the comfort of our houses? — Sandip

    That's a hackneyed question. A nuclear disaster can be detrimental for generations to follow. A road accident involving us would end with us.

  • KKR Krishnan

    Well Mr. Jose, you are right. These anti Nuclear and anti secular people are much more dangerous than terrorists. We have to categorize and put them under anti national elements. These small group of egotistical people silently killing our nation’s development only for their vested interest. On the sentry of some holy places, these elements are misguiding the common innocent people. Moreover these people are playing the role of secret emissary.

    At this juncture we should not forget the roll of bad politicians. Most of the present politicians are opportunists. They are only thinking about their pocket development not about the nation’s development. “Vote bank politics” is their motto. They are not thinking about the new generation of high tech era. We are also living in a high tech era and we badly need power for each and every activity. Without power we can’t think about our life. These people may live in cities or towns and enjoying life and they are not at all bothering about the livelihood of village people. They are simply exploiting them. That is what exactly happening at Kudankulam.

    We are facing shortage of power throughout the country. Power cut is there in almost every village. If 2000 MW electricity can be added to the national grid with the successful operation of Kudankulam plants, it will definitely help us to overcome certain level of shortfall, which in turns categorically helps our nation’s future developments. Especially Tamilnadu and Kerala.

    If I am correct, Kudankulam Power Plant work started at the beginning of nineties and first unit is likely to start operational by the end this year. My simple distrust, rather distress, where were these anti lobbies all these days? Are they were sleeping? Was it because of lack of sponsorship, which they are getting now from some unknown sources? It seems this agitation is totally biased. What is the motive behind this present agitation? Is it because of Fukushima? Then they are wrong. India is having 40 years of successful experience in Nuclear Power field and no accident have been reported so far. We have to salute the past and present Nuclear Engineering and Scientific family for their valuable efforts to keep Nuclear Industry alive with safety first. My appeals to common people and well wishers of our nation that, please come forward to isolate such anti social fundamentalists from society.

  • Ignatius Fernando

    Dear All, For an informed debate, please go through the topics and reactions found in this site to refrain from the trodden path. Cheers!

  • Jose Paul

    Mr. Ignatius Fernando, antinuclear lobby always raise this question to shut pro-nuclear people’s mouth. I am agreeing that nuclear disaster can make damage few square kilometers of land permanently and the radiation effects may continue to future generation also. But if you have an option which will you prefer either partial damage of land or total damage of earth? Defently all of us prefer lesser damage. You and antinuclear activist should understand the consequences of toxic gas emission from thermal power plants, factories, motor vehicles, air conditioners etc. All those gaseous discharges are the major cause of global warming. If those pollutions are continue, more natural disasters will happen in future. Earth will become barren or flood will engulf. Directly or indirectly you people are supporting global disaster.

    You people are supporting those entire environment damaging factors and opposing environment friendly nuclear power plants by raising baseless arguments.

    Recently your lobby come forward to support non-conventional energy sources. At present we do not know what will be the impact of massive intervention in order of nature in the name of power generation. Defenitly I doubt that the massive installation of wind mills will slowdown the wind flow and divert from its natural way. No one can predict now what will be the consequences of that now.

    So Mr. Ignatius Fernando leave your all worries behind and joint with nation’s progress by supporting peaceful nuclear program. Keep trust on our eminent scientists community that will make them more responsible.


    I have read the above discussions. I wanted to add a couple of things:

    India is growing at a high rate of 9% of GDP, which is a jealous rate for many countries who call themselves developed. They would like to tweak this rate at any rate, if they have a chance. We are a democracy and in India everything happens in transparency. Hence protests happen, even if 13000Cr cost plant is ready to start! Mind that this money is nothing but your and mine hard earned tax money!! It cannot be just like that dumped.

    For those who are favour of other forms of energy I have got a couple of things to ask:

    Thermal Energy is now a days hit by coal shortage and anti-mining and forest stance. Also it produces flue gases which produce holes in Ozone layer (our protection from UV rays).

    Wind Energy potential in India is sadly low, as we are a country having low wind speeds and that too seasonal.

    Solar energy is abundant in potential, but tell me about our cloud cover? India is a tropical country with often cloud coverage. This reduces the so called potential. Also solar will need water (distilled or good quality) in large quantity to take the heat and turn to steam/hot water. Where in India is water available in plenty? Forget talking about large solar farms!

    Now think about the future. Our younger generation is coming up and they are given good education due good govt policies. When they will be employable age where will the employment come from? If there is no power, no industry, no nation building. The younger generation will be ambitious and forward looking than the existing one. When they find no support in India either they will leave the country or get frustrated and go bad way. Are we ready for this? Nation building starts with Power and we will be short of power in the next decade, lest we do something now.

    Let me thell you one thing. We read about road accidents. They are No.1 killers. Have we stopped using the car or bus? But, the car of 1971 and today's car technology is far far improved. Aren't they. We buy car without thinking and use them. Aren't we taking the risk? That risk is taken for improving ones life style and to go ahead in life. That is same with any technology, same with Nuclear too. Nuclear technology has improved very much from 1970's reactors to today's design. They are designed everytime keeping in mind the Safety first. The reactors at KKNP are one of the state of the art ones, with many loops of safety systems around it.

    • vijaya

      Appreciate your candid and clear views. Blocakge is not a solution. Few People are mis guiding others robbing the future quality of the lives.Most of he activists are doing the wrong things by misguiding the innocent people.Let us not stop projects which create national progress.Most of the activists tell things which are not facts and instigate people to settle their personal disappointments and grudges.

  • vijaya

    It is unfortunate that with out any evidence anti nuclear activists are spreading fear,rumours instigating people towardrs retrogade agitations discrediting the achievements of our nuclear scintists and engineers and entire Indian Industry who mastered the nuclear power technology and space technologies even when all the nations isolated us and blocked the techonology to India with our own efforts.Today 20 nuclear power reactors are in operation. Unlike so many other technologies there is an excellent cooperation through international organizations for exxchenageing the operational experiences. India implemented several improvements based on Three Mile and Chernobyl events.

    There has been tremondous economical growth in and around Nuclear power plants creating direct and direct employment opportunities for nearly 60 years during construction,commissionin and operation life of the nuclear plants.

    All the employees and neighbourhoods are living harmoniously and some agencies who are not contributing directly to any betterment of the people are unnecessarily spreading fear among the people instigating the people towards uncalled for agitations harming the national progress.

    Please consider the rapid progress is being made by China in construction of more than 28 huge reactors in collaboration with same companies.How in one developing country same type reactors are being constructed in big way while in our country when we are proceeding similar way with sole interest of meeting the future development of people why few people should misguide and block our progressive efforts through unfound fears?

    We are losing precious time for early commissioning of the Kudankulam plants.All the the people are appealed to have confidence on employees and leaders of the nation.No wrong thing will be imposed on any body.

    Let us not block progress and development.All activists should contribute in the development and in improving the quality of lives through hard work with quality and productivity goals instead of wasting our efforts in non production with unfound fears.

  • Ignatius Fernando

    Contamination detected while urinating! Any response from the Govt. so far?

  • D P Rai

    "NUCLEAR ENERGY IS DEATHLY" is baseless and misguiding.

    In our country, 18 NPPs are running with almost full capacity.Can you tell, how many death has been occurred due to radiation leak or due to accident in Nuclear Power Plant? Our nuclear plants are designed with advance safety features and therefore 'No question of radiation leak'. So the statement "Nuclear Energy is Deathly" is baseless and misguiding to people of India.We need energy and nuclear power is only source to meet the current requirements as the coal is exhausting rapidly. It is safer too.

  • NELSON J. A.

    The veiws / comments expressed by S/Shri Jose, KKR Krishnan and others have covered the entire aspect and need for going nuclear in order improve our energy concerns. Though India is the world’s fourth largest consumer, more than 20 % of the population does not have access to electricity. With the present per capita consumption in India, the generating capacity needs doubling even for a modest living standard. Conventional energy sources are simply inadequate to meet this demand challenge due to the reason that fossil fuels are fast depleting, making it an unreliable proposition to continue to entirely depend on them. India’s soaring energy import bill with violent fluctuations in price of fuel is impacting the growth plans, economic efficiency and driving fiscal deficit. Secondly, such energy sources lead to a steady rising carbon footprint and the consequent environmental impact needs to be arrested. Against this backdrop, nuclear power emerges as an important and attractive option for diversification of energy sources. This is even more so as other renewable energy sources, solar and wind need time for techno-commercial deployment on large scale.


    The veiws / comments expressed by S/Shri Jose, KKR Krishnan and others have covered the entire aspect and need for going nuclear in order improve our energy concerns. Though India is the world's fourth largest consumer, more than 20 % of the population does not have access to electricity. With the present per capita consumption in India, the generating capacity needs doubling even for a modest living standard. Conventional energy sources are simply inadequate to meet this demand challenge due to the reason that fossil fuels are fast depleting, making it an unreliable proposition to continue to entirely depend on them. India's soaring energy import bill with violent fluctuations in price of fuel is impacting the growth plans, economic efficiency and driving fiscal deficit. Secondly, such energy sources lead to a steady rising carbon footprint and the consequent environmental impact needs to be arrested. Against this backdrop, nuclear power emerges as an important and attractive option for diversification of energy sources. This is even more so as other renewable energy sources, solar and wind need time for techno-commercial deployment on large scale.

  • surya

    hey i hate dis kind of activites in our country

    these all things will directly reflect to our development only

    as a real citizen of india i strongly hate dis

    itz my view

    • Ashwin


  • Durai

    None of your above comments deserve the reasons for stopping Kudankulam project. Kudankulam has latest safety features in the world and has been reaffirmed by many experts at many times.Kudankulam power is the need of time for energy hungry Tamilnadu and fast developing India.Dictating to scrap a 99% completed prestigious project for reasons of radiation risk which may not occur is not justified.

    The plant work is stopped for months.Who is responsible for losses and damages to the plant due to ongoing strike. Who’s money is being lost?.
    This is not the first nuclear plant in our country for fearing so much about radiation risk.Nuclear experts who have spent their life in the field knows better and they need to be trusted.You should note that 39 countires are operating 439 reactors around the world including so many developed countries.Tens of thousands of familes are staying around nuclear power plants for last 40 years.Is it not enough proof to trust nuclear experts?. We faced big problems like Gujarat and Latur earthquake and 2004 Tsunami but we could handle the problems.Therefore Govt is prepared to handle even a major nuclear accident (which may not occur due to better safety features in Kudankulam).

    You should know that hundres of organisations and crores of people in Tamilnadu are supporting the project and hundreds of nuclear , environmental and local medical experts have certified the safety features of the plant.

    Japan is more severly damaged due to tsunami than Fukushima,You should note that Japan’s Tsunami devasted cities need decades to rebuild their cities which may cost them trillions.We know Tsunami may strike in future, but still we stay near coastal area without any fear of deadly Tsunami’s risk.Hence, your unnecessary/imaginary fears only on radiation risk due to nuclear accident which may not occur is unwarranted.

    Just because there is a chance for nuclear accident risk,hence asking for confidential govt documents and scrapping a plant is like ” Burning a house to kill a rat”.

    Hence it is my confidence that KKNPP will own local hearts,win intellectual minds , illuminate Power hungry Tamilnadu and will take India to march forward towards the future nuclear expansion.


  • Anush

    Had the Mullaperiyaar dam been on the other side of Western Ghats, wouuld the protesters of Tamil Nadu or the Tamil Nadu State Government itself be protesting against Koodankulam or the lethal Water bomb that is the Dam itself??

    The double standard of regional politics is very clear here.

    The life of 40 Lakh Keralites and the survival of the state itself is of no value compared to the hypothetical fears of people in 5 km radius of Koodamkulam for the protesters either from Tamil Nadu or Kerala itself!!

  • J.R.Pillai

    Jose Paul had given a clear understanding of Kudankulan agitation.M r Ignatious Fernandus is doing more harm to our country than the Kudankulam plants possibly could do in its lifetime.God Help this country!!!

  • Southend

    This all started with stupid Anna posing as a national leader… Sooner these harping idiots will also subside

  • dr.sivaom

    hats off to all well said comments,especially Mr.Jose Paul explaining in detail in real patriotic Indian view.

  • Durai

    The truth behind KKNPP protest..
    1.Local fear on radiation risk for two decades.
    2.Triggered by Fukhusima.
    3.Elevated by steam release and subsequent mock drill.
    4.Enlarged by timely entry of Anti-Nukes.
    5.Increased by Local panchayat election.
    6.Amplified by TMI and Chernobyl.
    Hope soon KKNPP brings not only light but also solution to all above.