Kovvada Update: 50 Days of Hunger Strike Against Proposed GE Reactors

Saraswati Kavula

Saraswati Kavula is a Filmmaker-Activist and Farmer. She is also the Joint Convener, National Alliance of People’s Movements, Andhra Pradesh Chapter.

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The people of Kovvada Village along with people from surrounding villages have sat on a Relay Hunger Strike since 18th December 2012 and will be shortly completing 50 days of Relay Hunger Strike against the proposed Nuclear Power Park which is being constructed by GE.

Post Fukushima disaster, in May 2011, 30 panchayats including kovvada and the surrounding villages have passed resolutions in the presence of the the then District Collector demanding the scrapping of the Nuclear Power Projects. In August 2011, also the people had undertaken a cycle yatra and after that once again submitted a memorandum to the Tahsildar on 8th August 2011, demanding for the authorities to not take up the project. Despite the continued opposition of the Local people – the establishment has announced the Project and is now planning for Land acquistion.

However, the people are very much steadfast in opposing the project. And have been expressing their opposition by sitting in a Hunger Strike. And people from all over Srikakulam and also from other places in the state have been coming and expressing their solidarity to the people’s struggle.

The people of Kovvada and Allivalasa were planning to stage a play on the harmful effects of Nuclear plants in the surrounding villages. But the district administration has imposed Section 30 of Police Act in the entire Srikakulam Division, stating that no activity can be taken up without the permission of the DSP.

In addition, two police constables are standing near the tent of the Hunger Strike and taking details of all those people who are coming to express the solidarity to the movement.

This is happening even before Land acquistion notices could be given to the people.

Request people to take kind note of the situation.








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