Idinthakarai Update
April 10, 2012

Greetings! The daily relay fast has been happening here without interruption. Eleven of our comrades from Koodankulam have just been released on bail and each person has been asked to post 8 individual sureties holding properties worth more than Rs. 10,000. There are 30 more people in the Trichy prison, and 2 other friends, Muhilan and Satish facing the most serious charges. It is really strange that we are being treated like terrorists even by the courts. In fact, the Maoist groups in Orissa are able to get their comrades released from prisons by taking foreigners and state legislators as hostages. While we condemn this hostage-taking, we also wonder what kind of a message does the Indian State give to our youth. Nonviolent, peaceful fighters are being hounded and harassed, but violent fighters are granted their desires and wishes freely. Is this a good trend for our country?

Pushparayan, Jesuraj and I have been living in an open quarter-km-radius prison since March 19, 2012. Thousands of people sleep around our house at night in order to protect us from possible police action and mid-night arrest. Hundreds of youth protect us round the clock.

I have been suffering from haemorrhoids (piles) for the past four days and the Catholic sisters who run a small clinic here at Idinthakarai have given me the best medicines that they have. My American friends used to swear,”pain in the butt” when they had to deal with difficult people; now I know the meaning of this phrase. We all know “shit happens.” But now I also know what happens when shit does not happen regularly. Oh, my! (Incidentally, please allow me to share with you a one-act play that I wrote last year and published it in a book “Peace Plays” with Professor Johan Galtung and Dr. Vital Rajan. If you like to use it in any way, please get permission from the Publisher.)

SP Udayakumar, Coordinator, People's Movement Against Nuclear Energy

In fact, I have to see a doctor but I cannot leave this village as I would be arrested if I got out of here. All the “sedition’ and “waging war against the State” cases are still there and none of them has been withdrawn. My old parents and not-so-young wife call me every hour to suggest a new remedy for my predicament and the most recently-invented medication. I am in great pain and cannot sit down, or stand up. To tell you the truth, I cannot even cough. But I must evade the police, courts, prisons, and the related agonies of nonviolent public life. At least for the time being?!

There are credible newspaper reports that charge sheets are being prepared for all the 200 plus cases against us. The police are said to be dividing us all into two groups: masterminds and innocent people. Since we, the masterminds, “instigated” the innocent people to protest against the Koodankulam nuclear power plant, we are going to be booked under all the serious charges and the “ordinary citizens” would be let off. The Central Government is preparing to start a new organization called NCTC, National Counter-Terrorism Centre, similar to the American institution, Homeland Security. Some Chief Ministers in India oppose this NCTC as it infringes on the rights of the states as ‘law and order’ is a state issue. We do not know what is going to happen in May when all these people meet to decide on this undemocratic and anti-democratic initiative. I can only say, God Save India! And the whatever-little-democracy we have!

On April 9, 2012, a high-level delegation from the Communist Party of India (CPI) came to visit us at Idinthakarai under the leadership of the veteran leader Comrade R. Nallakannu. The CPI is still struggling with the problem of coming to a clear cut position on nuclear power. And another veteran Communist leader from the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M), Comrade V.S. Achuthanandan, is scheduled to come here on April 12th. That party is also not very clear about the issue of nuclear power. But the fact that they are all coming to see us makes us a bit hopeful about achieving nuclear-free India.

S. P. Udayakumar





  • Jagadish G Chandra

    Tears rolled out of my eyes involuntarily as I read this personal account of Comrade- friend Udayakumar who symbolises all that is a just struggle today in this country against the Nuclear Hawks who have put the safety of the people and fragile environment in jeopardy.

    If Udayakumar, Pushparayan, Mukhilan & Satish and scores of others are branded as terrorists and have been accused as perpetrators of Sedition against the Indian state, then bloody well, I am a terrorist, and I do perpetrate &propagate Sedition against the Indian state on a daily basis and a minute by minute basis.

    The state that has no regard for the just democratic aspirations of its people deserves to met with the overwhelming seditious act by the people.

    We are all Udayakumars, Pushparayans, Mukhilans, Satishs and countless people of Idinthakarai and we say with one voice No To Kudankulam Nuclear Plant, if that is considered SEDITIOUS, So be it.
    Jagadish G Chandra
    New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India)

    • http://[email protected] Kabir Hazra

      f (Stop Koodankulam nuclear power plant group) In that case how the nuclear scientists(?) of India (world) could earn millions of dollars each? )

      To know whether a fuel is proper fuel or not is to determine
      whether the fuel gives off greater amount of energy when it is
      used than the energy involved in making the fuel from raw natural
      materials. A huge amount of energy is obtained when Hydrogen
      or thermite (a mixture of powdered Aluminium and oxide
      of iron) is burned. But energy obtained from combustion of
      those fuels is not greater than the energy spent to make them
      from natural resources. Therefore, Hydrogen and thermite cannot
      be treated as proper fuels. Electricity could be readily generated
      from combustion of those fuels, but, electricity made from
      those fuels must be more expensive than electricity made from
      coal or petroleum. According to Einstein’s E = mc2 formula, 1
      Kg of any material (preferably Uranium) will give
      9 ???? 10
      16 joules, or 2 ???? 10
      16 calories, of heat energy through
      complete nuclear reaction. [ E = mc
      = 1 ???? (3 ???? 108)2 joules
      = 20 ???? 1012kilocals = 20 trillion kilocals . ] If that would be
      true, then powerful states around the world would not compete
      for oil in the deserts of Arabia. If one ton of Uranium of someton
      ‘Little Boy’ bomb could take part in the so-called nuclear reaction,
      then some million of square miles of the world would
      burn, instead of only 1.7 square miles of Hiroshima. It not at all
      possible to give supply of electricity to the people from so-called
      nuclear fuels at a cost lower than fossil-fuel electricity for the
      reasons stated above. However, it is possible to give ontological
      lectures on nuclear fission/fusion or to earn immense money
      from so-called nuclear projects.

  • Siva

    We’ve squandered 500million years of photosynthesised energy in 200 years & to match the same pace implementing risky (hidden cost of failure..human, environment,etc) Nuclear power plants. With the results of experiments (of 200yrs.) let us consolidate & implement over the atleast pre 200 yrs. technology (before the Oil is completely drained.) Let us not decide to sacrifice a community to the fear of Nation.

  • Dr. E

    Dear Udayakumar, Sorry to hear of your predicament and have yet another recommendation. It’s one of my favorite self-care approaches and easier to get books on it in India. It is called Su Jok seed therapy. You don’t eat the seeds, you tape them to your hand or foot and leave on overnight. For the backside problem, here’s is what you can do: tape a black pepper seed to the web between the middle and ring fingers on the back of your hand before bedtime overnight and leave it there overnight. You can leave it one all day if you want, but overnight tends to be ok. Su Jok is Korean for Hand Foot. It’s growing in popularity in India. There are some classes soon to happen in Bangalore, if your people can send someone to learn more I can tell you more. Or you can get the book for it is not difficult to teach oneself with that book. It is a beautiful way to live in harmony with Nature inexpensively. Sy Jok can be done by needle, but then you have more trash. I had to order my Su Jok Seed Therapy book from India. My heart is with all of you on your efforts to stop local nuclear madness.

  • Hope Iceberg

    Please go through this draft :
    I am not considering this as a fight, but a strong expression of fear due to the anticipated threat. Famous Thirukkural says, when you are in distress you should laugh (smile); this is questioned by another famous poet of tamilnadu Kannadasan; How one will smile if he was bitten by snake & body is struggling to retain its soul? But it seems possible. ( In tamil :??????? ????? ???????? ??????? ! ?????? ????? ??????????? ?????? ???? ???????????? ???? ????????? ??????????? ?????????) It seems Mr.Udayakumar is trying to smile at this juncture too (Great tribute Gandhiji.) I feel , if Govt. could smile under the distress of electricity (Energy Crisis); this problem could be easily resolved. We can learn a lot on relationship, connectivity of one with others & how much food and energy is necessary to happily survive, if Govt. skills (departments, officials) could assess the ongoing dissent sincerely with a motive to find out sustainable/prosperous means for prosperity of People, State & Nation ( though the present activities of Govt. may be seen similar to Macauley’s report to UK parliment in 1750s(?) – this is our Government underlying hidden ice berg is known to them) Fukushimo’s present root cause findings are visible portions of Risk iceberg & hidden portions could be identified by intensive analysis over a long time and similar kind of risk assessment is the necessity to proceed with Nuclear Power.
    I came across a self (Naturopathy) healing procedure which says you believe your body, feed when it says hungry, drink water when it says thirsty , sleep when it says so.. include the six tastes (???????) in the food ensure maximum saliva secretion & swallow the food ( it contains all medicine to balance the body metabolism.) & avoid drinking water while eating, and half an hour before & after food. Hope Mr.Udayakumar could recover with the Ayurvedic/other medicines. No need to have radiation therapy to remove pimples, like cancer (to kill the unhealthy cells); cancer cells are not completely balanced cells. Whereas it is sufficient to maintain the balance of healthy cells not much external inputs required. We should not have the habits/atmosphere which promote cancer cells to give radiation treatment.
    I am trying to understand the changing world towards the more sustainable ways (Gandhian Vision.) Green house gases were the impact of Coal & Oil based energy utilization, Nuclear waste is the impact due to nuclear power the risk on humanity (though concentrated to particular location & globally as well.) I hope our future generation will definitely learn sustainable means to survive & we have to hand over the earth in good form without much risk. There are green wings in our Govt. (organic farming, environment, forestry etc) their sincere opinions ( beyond preconceived objective of commissioning KNPP) should be asked for… for the sustainable future of Tamilnadu, India & the World!
    We in the world see the visible threat (Risk) ice berg & working on hidden portion; alternatively there are visible Hope ice berg and we have to work on the hidden portion of hope iceberg to find out sustainable prosperous earth.
    I am seeing Mr.Udayakumar & people in neighborhood of KNPP as visible portion of Hope Iceberg; hidden Hope Ice berg to be explored for the prosperity of Humanity. (I know the people of region.. whoever still settled there are the parents of newly educated youths & poor people. Newly educated youth are exposed to the Global concerns..over the ones of previous generation more trained in industrialized nature of the world. This is simply the conflict in understanding, can be easily stream lined if more attention is paid to avoid the ‘drag’(friction) for the prosperity of Humanity.

  • Prasanth
  • Oktavia

    Very intense piucrte. This child is little older than my God child. I guess this is one of those days, it brought tears to my eyes. I have been dreaming big dreams of my little angle and here this child makes me think will she ever have a safe place to sleep, a belly full or see a school I am wondering did you just take the piucrte or paid her for her pose? My humble suggestion is to buy the child something they would like to eat and be with them while they eat. Usually kids ask for ice cream or what ever goodies the vendors around are selling. I have seen if you leave the child with the food, he/she is so excited that they run to show it to their friends and the older kids snatch it from them. Peace,Desi Girl