The Koodankulam Struggle is continuing after the Supreme Court judgement. Links of analysis by some eminent experts are given below:

Serious Flaws in Koodankulam plant: Dr. A Gopalakrishnan
Substandard parts in Koodankulam: Shouldn’t India learn lessons from South Korea? [by Dr. EAS Sarma]
Kudankulam: the unsettled questions [M V Ramana]
The Verdict on Koodankulam: A Travesty of Justice [CNDP Statement]
The Supreme Quash Court [by Dr. Surendra Gadekar]
Address concerns on Koodankulam: Dr A. Gopalakrishnan
India’s Top 60 Scientists Question Koodankulam Safety
Does the Supreme Court care about Indian lives?: S P Udayakumar
Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant – From Supreme Court to People’s Court?: M G Devasahayam
Dear Prime Minister, Please Fulfill Your Constitutional Duties on Koodankulam
SC Judgement on Koodankulam: Implications & requirements
Koodankulam: A Court in the Supreme Contempt of its People [by P K Sundaram]