Do not sign agreement on Kudankulam Reactors III and IV: An Appeal

Prime Minister’s Russia visit

Do not sign agreement on Kudankulam Reactors III and IV

We express our anxiety and protest against the Prime Minister’s attempt to sign agreement with Russia, for reactors III and IV at Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant. With the public in and around Koodankulam vehemently against the current two reactors and public protests and objection continuing majorly in all 3 Southern Tamil Nadu Districts and most parts of Tamil Nadu and neighbouring state of Kerala it is undemocratic for a democratically elected government to even talk about more reactors at the Koodankulam site without peoples consent. There is widespread support for the movement across the country also. It is learned from reliable sources that the Prime Minister is going to sign an agreement with Russian authorities to establish two more reactors at Koodankulam, during his forthcoming visit to Russia. It is deplorable that the Prime Minister is bent on betraying India in order to appease the multinational reactor traders when our country is facing an economic depression and foreign debt crisis due to the fall of the Rupees in exchange for the Dollar. A real cost benefit analysis for the current reactors is yet to be done and information sought by the movement (PMANE) camagaining against Koodankulam plant are still not given. Our prime minister seems to be ego driven with regard to nuclear energy to leave behind his legacy of signed nuclear deals with various countries. While people are fighting against the nuclear plants with concern for their life, livelihood and environment, the Prime Minister’s Russian trip should not result in the signing of agreement for more reactors in Koodankulam.

In a world situation in which the nuclear race has been comparatively slowed down after the cold war years, developed countries are backing out from investing in nuclear technology considering its people and environment’s safety and economic unviability of nuclear technology. At the same time, the nuclear agreements signed by countries such as Russia, USA and France with India is a conspiracy to accumulate nuclear fissile material that might become necessary for their future, by tricking India into producing it in the name of development and ‘Civil Nuclear Programme’ and safeguarding proliferation by exercising control over India to see that it does not use nuclear weapon material such as Plutonium and ensuring that it will not produce nuclear weapons. The nuclear programme will worsen the economic crisis which is already threatening India now. We should not voluntarily surrender to the attempts for transfer all the risks associated with nuclear energy to India. All patriotic Indians who believe in India’s self reliance and sustainable development should oppose any further agreements for nuclear expansion.

Considering that the Kerala border is close to 50 km aerial distance from Koodankulam and the current reactors also posing a possible threat to the southern districts of Kerala the Kerala government should oppose any move to come up with more reactors in Koodankulam considering its peoples safety. It should pass a resolution asking the Central Government to drop the Koodankulam Nuclear Project.

16-12-2011 Thiruvananthapuram,

N. Subrahmanyan, General Convenor
Kudankulam Aanavanilaya Viruddha Samara Aikyadhardya Samithi Keralam
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