And Now in Fukushima, Darkness of Japan’s Secrecy Law

And Now in Fukushima, Darkness of Japan’s Secrecy Law

The 2013 government secrecy act, which says that civil servants or others who “leak secrets” will face up to 10 years in prison, and those who “instigate leaks,” especially journalists, will be subject to a prison term of up to 5 years.


More in Fukushima

  • In addition to mass demonstrations in central Tokyo, hundreds of demonstrations are held in towns and cities throughout Japan every Friday. This one is in western Tokyo in a district called Hachioji. Numbers vary but every week there are up to 100 or so people who march in the streets and shout slogans. (Photo- IWJ June 2015)

    Japanese Government Has Abandoned Us: Fukushima Evacuee Mitsuko Sonoda

    In her post on South China Morning Post, Mitsuko Sonoda says Tokyo is violating the human rights of evacuees by pressuring them to return to the area, even though radiation levels remain high following the 2011 nuclear power plant disaster.

  • Fukushima: Living with a Disaster[Video]

    Fukushima: Living with a Disaster[Video]

    Years after the nuclear accident in Fukushima, an end to the disaster is not in sight.

    This short documentary tells the story of the people from Fukushima, forced to leave their homes without knowing if they could ever return, and explores the work that Greenpeace has been doing in the region since 2011.

  • No Return To Normal – Fukushima, Iitate village

    No Return To Normal – Fukushima, Iitate village

    The Japanese government is set to lift evacuation orders in heavily contaminated areas around Fukushima. It will cut compensation and housing support to survivors, who are still struggling six years later.

    Their basic rights to health, housing, and environment are being violated. The government is desperately trying to minimize the disaster at the expense of survivors in an attempt to revive the dying nuclear industry and suffocate other cleaner energy sources. We must say no!