And Koodankulam is Being Hunted Down !

Latest update:

March 21, 2012 10:00 AM
Electricity, Water and Food Supply stopped in Idinthakarai

All roads and sea routes to reach Idinthakarai are blocked. Police personnel forcibly took away mobiles phones and water supply equipments.

School run by Dr. S P Udayakumar damaged badly last night. School bus is also damaged.

There are 8000 children among the 20,000 protesting people in Idinthakarai. Milk supply to the village is also prevented and its affecting the children badly.

Media entry to Idinthakarai is also prevented.

March 20, 2012, 5: 20 PM

From Koodankulam: Police and para-military forces is terrrorising people by marching into the village every two hours and then withdrawing. We are threatened, something must be done to stop this harrassment.

Please contact human rights organisations, judges, ministers and media IMMEDIATELY !!

March 20, 2012, 12: 40 PM

Koodankulam reactors started; 60 police vans in place;

Human Right Activist Dr. Binayak Sen will inaugurate the Anti Nuclear Protest today 5.30PM at Kerala Sahithya Akadami, Thrissur. Please do join with us for the protest against koodamkulam nuclear power plant today 5.30PM at Kerala Sahithya Akadami premises. We are planning to conduct a rally and a public event at Thekke Gopuranada, Thrissur after the Rally. Please do join with us with your friends and colleagues.

March 20, 2012
10:30 AM
From Koodankulam: Police spreading rumours that their buses are damaged by villagers and we are pelting stones at them. Please condemn this. They are provoking us and justifying their plans to use force.

Police tried to enter Idinthakarai this morning forcefully, but they went back seeing thousands of people. We expect they will strike back again.

Koodankulam Update
March 20, 2012
7:30 AM

Police have arrested 18 men more at Koodankulam last night but nothing happened here at Idinthakarai at night. Some 5,000 women, men and children slept around St. Lourdes Church. Some 185 men and women and their Parish Priest Fr. Suseelan were arrested at Koottapuli village when they sat down by the side of the road protesting against the police peacefully. They are being held at Tirunelveli armed reserve camp. The other group of 9 people including our Struggle Committee members Adv. Sivasubramanian and Rajalingom, arrested yesterday and now charged with sedition including Sections 121, 121A and 153A, has been taken to Tirunelveli also and we do not know where they are being held. In the meantime, Muhilan, another leading activist of PMANE was arrested on his way to Idinthakarai and he is kept at the police headquarters in Tirunelveli.

Police have clamped down Section 144 in our area prohibiting people from congregating in any manner. So no one can walk or move around. Despite this curfew, people keep coming to Idinthakarai by boats and on foot.
There is an unprecedented deployment of police around Koodankulam and it is highly condemnable that the police are harassing the peaceful protesters to this extent. Some 15 of us (8 men and 7 women) including Pushparayan and myself are on indefinite hunger strike here at Idinthakarai demanding:

[1] the immediate release of our comrades,
[2] the withdrawal of the Tamil Nadu cabinet resolution,
[3] a thorough and complete probe of geologists, hydrologists and oceanographers into the safety issues of the Koodankulam nuclear power plant,
[4] release of the Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) signed secretly by the governments of India and Russia on liability in February 2008, and
[5] conduct safety drills and evacuation drills in the 30-km radius of the Koodankulam project.

There could be public health problems and food shortage in a few days here at Idinthakarai. We appeal to the people of Tamil Nadu to be aware of this assault on the Tamil community. We appeal to the people of India to be mindful of impending nuclear nightmares in our highly and densely populated country such as ours. We appeal to the people of the world to keep a watchful eye on the forceful implementation of a mega-nuclear project on our people without giving us any basic information about the project or conducting any public hearing. They are preparing to load uranium fuel rods into the reactor without conducting any safety or evacuation drills. This kind of Fascist development is taking our country to another round of New East India Companies and Neo-colonialism. God Save India!

Please do everything you possibly can to condemn this police harassment and nuclear madness and to express your solidarity.

Struggle Committee
People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy

6000 armed policemen, led by Tamil Nadu’s Additional Director General of Police (ADGP), 3 DIGs (Deputy Inspector Generals) and 20 SPs (Superintendents of Police) who are present themselves and are presiding over this operation that can turn up into a state-sanctioned carnage of its own civilians.

As drumbeats approached Idinthakarai, Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce and Industry hails the decision to start the Koodankulam reactor as it is necessary for the State’s “progress”.

A 5-page press statement from the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu ended the rituals of “engaging people”, “dialogue with the locals” and “allaying their fears” in the world’s largest democracy. Not surprisingly, the government crackdown on people’s movement waited for another mega-ritual to end: the elections in the neighbouring assembly constituency of Sankarankoil on March 18.

Since yesterday afternoon, the police squads have blocked every road leading to Koodankulam and Idinthikarai to prevent people from gathering there. Yet, more than 20,000 people have gathered at the gate of Koodankulam nuclear power project, with several hundreds getting detained on their way.

Learning from the democracies in the West, the corporate media here has also embedded itself to this ‘shock and awe’. Newspapers and TV channels are abuzz with the ‘green signal’ given to the nuclear project and the country’s progress. The titles say it all: Koodankulam nuclear power plant issue ends (DNA), Koodankulam to ease power crisis (DNA). S K Jain, the Chairman of the Nuclear Power Corporation (NPCIL) has been quoted saying: “The NPCIL is very happy, and we are thankful to the Tamil Nadu government and Chief Minister Jayalalithaa in particular. Under her guidance and the initiative taken by the Centre, we are in a position to allay the fears of the people”. All this when people in Koodankulam are going through nightmare in full gaze of the Indian democracy. Democracy today is all about overriding democratic right of the people to decide whether they want a reactor in their backyard, through brutal force of state repression.


Pictures of the 19th March Night from Koodankulam:

People from the neighbouring villages gathered and spent whole night in desperation, waiting for police crackdown.


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