Cancel Westinghouse's nuclear project!: village councils from Gujarat write to Obama and Modi
The "Breakthrough" on Nuclear Agreement between Modi and Obama: A Reality Check

Sukla Sen | While the Sec. 17(b) of the CLNDA is all set to be completely subverted through the provision of free full insurance coverage to the turnkey suppliers out of exclusively Indian taxpayers’ money, though the backup move to read down this provision of the Act does not appear to amount much; the issues as regards the Sec. 46 appear to remain pretty much unresolved.

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Let us have fair and open discussion on the proposed 6000 MW Mithi Virdi Nuclear Power Plant before taking any decision on the project - Open Letter sent to Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India & Mr. Barack Obama, President of USA by the Sarpanches of Mithi Virdi, Jaspara, Mandva and Khadarpar.

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