• The nuclear shadow over Karachi: nuclear reactor plan imperils 20 million peopleThe nuclear shadow over Karachi: nuclear reactor plan imperils 20 million people

What is the NPCIL hiding in Koodankulam?
Villagers' struggle intensifies in Gujarat against the American nuclear project

The affected villagers of proposed 6000 MW Nuclear Power Plant at Mithi Virdi – Jaspara organised a protest in their villages on 28 September 2014 during the USA visit of Mr. Modi, the Prime Minister of India.

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Nityanand Jayaraman | The Nuclear Power Corporation of India’s (NPCIL) refusal to divulge information regarding the quantity of diesel purchased at Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant (KNPP) and the functioning of Unit 1’s steam generators has triggered a wave of concern among activists, local residents and experts. Uneasy questions about the damaged and poor quality of components, including the steam generators, in Koodankulam’s Units 1 and 2, have resurfaced.

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A Report by VT Padmanabhan, R. Ramesh, V Pugazhendi, Raminder Kaur, Joseph Makolil To sum up, firstly, the official accident investigation team’s observation that the unit was closed down for maintenance is not true. Secondly, the team’s observation that the injured workers were doing maintenance work is also impossible, as the reactor was critical for more than six hours. Thirdly, the total skin surface area involved and the severity of injuries indicate that the causes of injuries could not have been ‘65-70 degree Celsius stagnant water spilling out from a valve’.
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