Three Years of Fukushima—What I still believe in

Why saying ‘No to Nukes’ is so important being a woman? Bhargavi Dilipkumar| The entire idea of bringing in the gender rights groups as well as groups struggling in the ground for various other things to form an opinion on the nuclearisation and to support the antinuclear struggles is also important to strengthen the feminist perspectives of the struggle and to counter the extremely patriarchal nuclear establishment.

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Keito Hirabayashi | Small details are etched indelibly in our minds and come to the surface once again at this time of year in all the graphic intensity of that horrible day. Being unable to stand because of the shaking, which went on so long that it gave you time to think, as you flailed helplessly with everyone around you for something solid to hang on to. In that moment, somehow there was a realization, deep inside, completely irrational, but nonetheless true - That the world would never be the same again.

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Koodankulam: the inconsolable grief of Pushparayan

Koodankulam anti-nuclear struggle leader M Pushparayan was prevented from attending his father's funeral, who passed away on 12th December. Pushparayan had not met his father from the beginning of the anti-nuclear struggle about two years ago. Pushparayan's father Mahiban Victoria ( 85), passed away in Tuticorn about 80 kilometers from Idinthankarai, where Pushparayan is staying and leading the struggle against Koodankulam Nuclear Power plant. Pushparayan could not attend his father's last rites as he cannot move out of the Idinthakarai village, fearing immediate arrest by the police. Over 200 police personnel were deployed at the funeral of Mr. Pushparayan's father in Tuticorin to arrest him if he joins.

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