Capitulation to the US on nuclear liability: former Power Secretary's letter to Arun Jaitley
Insuring nuclear suppliers using Indian tax payers’ money - how nationalist is diluting liability, Mr. PM?

Kumar Sundaram | On the eve of India’s Republic Day, the Modi government has announced that it will arm-twist the public-owned General Insurance Company(GIC) to provide insurance cover. Though the exact details are still not clear, the media reports suggest that the Indian government has found a roundabout way for the US nuclear suppliers’ like Westinghouse and General Electric (GE) which have been lobbying to affect an amendment in the Nuclear Liability Act of 2010 ever since its inception. Touted as a big breakthrough during President Obama’s ongoing visit, this move is clearly a capitulation to the long-standing demand on the issue.

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Dr. EAS Sarma | The hesitation on the part of the US MNCs to take on the liability arising on account of an accident attributable to reactor design deficiencies raises serious doubts over the safety features of the reactors they will supply. We should keep in view that the Fukushima reactors were supplied by US MNCs and India should be circumspect in accepting terms that run counter to its own self interest and well being of its people.

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